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We offer networking opportunities with like-minded students and industry professionals, workshops that enhance your technical skills, and events to fuel your social life

Incognito 30th Board 2023-2024
Who Are We?

Study Association for the Department of Advanced Computing Sciences

We are the study association for the Department of Advanced Computing Sciences (DACS) at Maastricht University. Our organization was founded on March 28, 1994. At our inception, we were quite a small organization, but in recent years the growth of our faculty as accelerated and our membership as grown increasingly diverse. Our main goal is to enrich the social, professional and educational lives of each of our members through wholesome activities and public outreach.

What We Do

Academic Support

Our study program presents unique challenges, but we are dedicated to enhancing your academic experience through personalized tutoring and study sessions.

Social Support

Incognito organizes a variety of social events designed to create a faculty-wide social environment. Where you can meet new people and engage with the community.

Career Support

We host career days that facilitate connections between our students and leading organizations. Additionally, we extend invitations to experts from both academia and industry, offering valuable insights into their own successful professional journeys.

Upcoming Events

February 20
Drinks and Demos
Drinks and Demos
February 23
LAN Party
LAN Party

Our Sponsors

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