We are the study association for the Department of Advanced Computing Sciences (DACS) at Maastricht University. Our organization was founded on March 28, 1994. At our inception, we were quite a small organization, but in recent years the growth of our faculty as accelerated and our membership as grown increasingly diverse. Our main goal is to enrich the social, professional and educational lives of each of our members through wholesome activities and public outreach.

Academic Support

Our study is not easy.

Thus, we aim to provide academic support with personalized tutoring and study sessions.

Furthermore, we bring you guest lectures from very diverse topics.

Social life

Maastricht is a student city. That does not mean that leading a student life comes naturally to some of us.

We organize recreational events throughout the academic year to engage our community in a more relaxed way.

Career Support

Graduates from our programme face a multitude of possibilities. Orienting oneself in this jungle can be daunting.

To help you, we organize career fairs, connecting students and organisations, and invite experts from academia and industry who give insights into their professional careers.


The unsung heroes who support our organization.