About YER

Our consultants connect ambitious students, new entrants, professionals, experts, managers and executives to leading organizations in the Netherlands and abroad. We guide candidates to provide them with knowledge, skills and a better understanding of themselves, so they reach their full potential throughout their careers.

 If you’re eager to embark on this journey, contact us through our website:

Bee Hired Workshop - How to stand out during interviews?

The trainers from YER conducted an interactive sessions, allowing attendees to experience being a recruiter. Key takeaways included mastering the STARR technique for answering behavioral questions, making a memorable first impression, and understanding the importance of asking timely and relevant questions during interviews. 

Recruiter from YER giving a workshop about interviews for MSV Incognito members

Career Day 2024

YER decided to join us during Career Day 2024 to bring more visibility to their services. During the presentation, they showcased a key ways of collaborating with them, companies that they have in their network and how we as students can benefit from it. It was an interesting presentation about the possible positions our members might take on after graduation, as well as how to prepare best to smoothly transform from academia into the job market.

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