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Locations of DKE

DKE uses several locations, if you see abbreviations on your schedule and you don't know where to go: This is the list for you.

All courses are now in Paul-Henri Spaaklaan 1, 6229 EN, Maastricht
You can't miss it!

Old locations for nostalgic students


If the schedule lists BOU8-10, or only numbers like 0.015, 1.001, 2.009 the room is at Bouillonstraat 8-10.,+6211+LH+Maastricht/

Tapijn, building Z

Building Z is a building at the Tapijnkazerne, it contains 1 lecture hall so you can't miss it once you found the building.,5.6865808,19.79z



Occasionally lectures or exams are done in different buildings. If you encounter an abbreviation, please add it to this list :)

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