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Building and Mining Knowledge Graphs (elective)

Full course description

Knowledge graphs are large-scale, machine-processable representations of entities, their attributes, and their relationships. Knowledge graphs enable both people and machines to explore, understand, and reuse information in a wide variety of applications such as answering questions, finding relevant content, understanding social structures, and making scientific discoveries. However, the sheer size and complexity of these graphs present a formidable challenge particularly when mining across different topic areas. In this course, we will examine approaches to construct and use knowledge graphs across a diverse set of applications using cutting-edge technologies such as machine learning and deep learning, graph databases, ontologies and automated reasoning, and other relevant techniques in the area of data mining and knowledge representation.



Aggarwal, C.C. and Wang, H. eds., (2010) Managing and mining graph data (Vol. 40). New York: Springer. ISBN 978-1-4419-6045-0


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