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Study Abroad

In your third year, you have the opportunity to study the first semester at a university abroad. You can choose between one of the partner universities, where you do not have to pay any additional fees, or a university of your choice (which you must contact yourself and will have to pay the tuition fees for the UM and the other university).

You will be asked to write a motivation letter: “Please write a 1-2 page detailed motivation explaining your education and personal reasons for participating in the Semester Abroad program. Include any information you think would be of interest and answer the following questions: Why is participating in a semester abroad program important to you? How would this program complement your academic experience to date? What are your expectations for personal growth? What academic area/subjects are you interested in?

Right now (2022) the cities you can go to are Reykjavik, Rome and Copenhagen. When applying for an exchange, you have to indicate your top 3 list of locations. After applying, university will pick who goes where based on your grades and your motivation letter. Generally, your GPA has to be at least a 7.5 to be able to go abroad, but sometimes exceptions can be made.

How to pick which location you want to go to? Everyone who goes on exchange always thinks their location was the best one. The exchange experience is great, so where you go in the end doesn't matter that much. When making your choice think about the expenses in another country, the courses at the university, the student life there, and the city itself. To help you make this choice we asked students who went on exchange previously to write something about their experience.

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