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Prolog introduces the students to the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) based on one of the most important non-procedural programming languages: PROLOG. Programming in a non-procedural programming language is very different from a procedural programming language. In PROLOG the programmer specifies what the program should do, rather than specifying a sequence of steps indicating how the program should perform its task. The course will provide the student with a detailed introduction into PROLOG. It will be shown how standard AI techniques can be applied in PROLOG and how expert systems can be realized with it. This course is accompanied by practical labs in which the student is taught how the acquired techniques can be put into practice. After completion of this course the student has obtained experience in PROLOG. The student gained insight into fundamental techniques that are essential to AI and knowledge Engineering.



Introduction to Computer Science 1

Sterling, L. and Shapiro, E. (1986). The Art of Prolog. MIT Press, Cambridge, MA. ISBN 0-262-69105-1.


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