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Project 1-2

Full course description

The project will be carried out by small groups of students, and will be guided by the teachers of the courses from the first period. The project will strongly relate to the content of the subjects from the first period. The project is split up into three phases:

In the first phase students will become familiar with the project assignment, and lay a foundation for the next phases. This often involves the implementation of a basic environment and research regarding the project assignment. The first phase will be concluded with a presentation.

In the second phase the student will have obtained a basic platform to work with. In this phase more advanced concepts will be implemented, and a planning will be made for phase three. The second phase will be concluded with a presentation.

Phase three consist of three full-time weeks in which the students work together with their project group on the core of the assignment. Before starting this phase it is expected that students have previously implemented an environment to work with, and have obtained a planning for this phase. The third phase will be concluded with a presentation. Additionally in the third phase a scientific paper needs to be written about the project results.

The project will be accompanied by so-called skills classes. These classes help the student develop competences that are useful when working on a project assignment with a group. These skill classes vary in topics from technical concepts such as working with LaTeX, to more social concepts such as leadership, presentation skills, and scientific writing.


In order to participate in this project the student has to have passed at least one out of the following two courses:
Introduction to Computer Science 1 / Introduction to Computer Science 2. This project occurs as part of the prerequisites of project 2-2.


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