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Project 1-1

Full course description

The project will be carried out by small groups of students, and will be guided by the teachers of the courses from the first period. The project will strongly relate to the content of the subjects from the first period. Project 1-1 is split up into two sub-projects.

The first project will be held during period 1.1 and will span a week. In this project the students will work in groups together to complete a small assignment related to the courses in period 1.1. No courses are held during this project week, such that the students can maximally focus on the project assignment. The second project starts in period 1.2 and consists of a larger assignment, to be completed at the end of period 1.3. During period 1.2 the student will work, in groups, on their project next to the courses, and during period 1.3 the students will work with their group for three weeks full-time on the project.

Both projects require the student to apply the material that was learned in the first period to the problem assignment. Additionally the students have to work together in groups of maximally 6 persons. The combination of both of these factors offers a challenging task for the students whereby besides theoretical knowledge also more practical skills such as teamwork and communication are further developed.


This project has no prerequisites. This project occurs as part of the prerequisites of project 2-1.

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