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Calculus introduces the students to a theoretical notion of the basic concepts in applied mathematics. The topics discussed in calculus are fundamental for the mathematical aspect of knowledge engineering and, among others, include limits, continuity, differential equations, series and multivariable calculus. Both the intuition behind the concepts and their formal definitions will be presented along with simple examples of formal mathematical proofs. For this reason it is required that the student has completed discrete mathematics in period 1.1. After completing this course the student has obtained a theoretical notion of the basic topics in applied mathematics, and is able to validate all kinds of mathematical arguments.



The course does not require any specific textbooks, although it does have a (changing) recommended textbook. However, the vast majority of information needed to learn to understand series, differential equations and derivatives/antiderivatives, and complex functions can be found easily online with a simple Google search.

We however strongly recommend investigating the YouTube series by 3Blue1Brown "The Essence of Calculus". It is an excellent and intuitive explanation of what we are doing in fundamental calculus, and why it works. The entire series takes about 4 hours to complete, and is split into convenient sections. We strongly recommend supplementing the course with this video series.


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