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Introduction to Computer Science 2

Full course description

Introduction to Computer Science 2 is the second programming course in the curriculum. The course continues where Introduction to Computer Science 1 left off, and students are expected to possess the basic level of programming that was previously taught. The central topic of this course is the interaction between the program and the user. An example of such an interaction is a graphical user interface that visualizes the working of a program. The lectures in this course are accompanied by computer labs, in which the student has to program a set of assignments. After completing this course the student will be able to write more advanced programs that can interact with its user. Additionally the student will be able to graphically display the state of their program.


Introduction to Computer Science 1

H. Deitel and P. Deitel (2007). Java How to Program, 7/E, Pearson, ISBN- 10: 0132222205


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