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Computational and Cognitive Neuroscience (previously KRCP)

Full course description

Computational and Cognitive Neuroscience presents an overview of the core topics in cognitive and biological psychology. These topics include, among others, (human) perception, learning, memory, planning and problem solving and do not require a background in psychology or biology. The course relates concepts in artificial intelligence (AI) to concepts in psychology. Students are introduced to algorithms used in AI that are based on biological and psychological concepts such as evolution and neural models. After completing this course the student has become aware of the main findings that relate psychology and biology to artificial intelligence. Additionally the student has identified the limitations of theories and interpretations of psychological and neuro-scientific experimental findings.


Begin reading the material given on DAY ONE. This course is almost entirely about fact memorization, and is significantly different than the other courses you've taken so far. There is about 200-250 pages to be read in the course textbook (which is dense and hard to get through), and you WILL FAIL the exam if you haven't read these.

There are notes below for download created by past students, and even the condensed notes can reach over 60 pages long. This is a dense, fast-paced course. You will fall behind if you don't attend every lecture and read the material required before moving on to the next section.



Sternberg, R.J. (1999). Cognitive psychology (latest edition). Fort Worth: Harcourt Brace. Eysenck, M.W. and Keane, M.T. (1995). Cognitive psychology: A student’s handbook (3rd ed.). Hove: Psychology Press. Kalat, J.W. (2007) 9th edition Biological psychology. Pacific Grove, California; London: Brooks Cole. Gazzaniga, M. (2009). Cognitive Neuroscience (third edition).


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