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Introduction to Computer Science 1

Full course description

Introduction to Computer Science 1 introduces students to the world of programming. Programming is a core tool of the Knowledge Engineer, as it allows translating theoretical ideas into practical applications. After a brief introduction about the inner workings of a computer, students learn about the principles of programming and basic programming tools. The lectures are accompanied by computer labs in which the student has to translate simple tasks into computer programs and feedback is provided to the student about their progress. Throughout the bachelor programme, Java is used as the main programming language. After completing this course the student is familiar with the core elements of programming and can implement simple programs in Java.


Attend all of your tutorials and practice further at home making your own problems, or by trying websites such as or The entire exam will rely on your ability to write code on paper, with minimal errors, so having proper syntax and concept comprehension is key.

Further Tip:

One inevitable part of programming is findings errors in your program. This process is usually referred to as debugging and is aided by receiving custom error messages when the computer has detected as specific error. Creating a document in which you list error messages you have previously dealt with, and your approach to alleviating the situation can save you lots of time during future debugging, as you will be able to refer to your list.

Study Materials and Tutorials:



Cay Horstmann (2012. Big Java Late Objects. John Wiley & Sons, New York, ISBN 978-1-1180-8788-6 (Chapter 1-6,13)


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