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Discrete Mathematics

Full course description

Discrete Mathematics introduces students to mathematical logic and reasoning. Students learn to recognise whether an argument is sound and if not, why certain steps go wrong. The basics of logic and mathematical proofs will be studied and used to discuss, among other things, concepts such as sets, relations, infinity, functions, permutations and combinations. This course builds upon common sense reasoning and abstract thinking, and no previous knowledge about mathematics is required. Lectures are accompanied with practical assignments to help the students apply the material that was learned. After completing this course the student will know how to use mathematical concepts correctly and apply several types of mathematical proofs.


Do all the bonus assignments. You will most likely be given 5-10% extra credit to be applied to your exam grade, and the practice will contribute significantly to your understanding of the material. Once all bonus assignments are completed, take a look at past exams and practice those with a 3 hour timer (to simulate exam conditions) to see which sections give you the most trouble, and work on those. This course is not easy if you don't practice consistently.





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