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Welcome to the knowledge base of MSV Incognito

MSV Incognito is the study association for the Department of Data Science & Knowledge Engineering at Maastricht University. This wiki will contain all information deemed important to our study. You can find old exams, assignments and summaries for courses and also information about MSV Incognito, our study association. You will find that some subjects on this wiki are only accessible to students of our study or Incognito members, apart from that restriction, you are free to look around.

The courses taught at our studies are always evolving. It even occurs that complete courses are replaced by new courses. This means we need your help, our current generation of DKE students, to keep this wiki up-to-date! If you feel a subject should contain more information, please feel free to register and contribute :)

Please note: All registered users can edit existing course pages. MSV Incognito committee members can create new pages or upload files to the study section, and the board or eduKatiE committee can also remove pages and files. If you wish to upload a file and are not a committee member, please contact the eduKatiE committee.

MSV Incognito Data Science & Knowledge Engineering
Minutes Bacheloryear 1, year 2, year 3
Manuals Master AIMaster DSDM
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