The Structure of Maastricht University

The Structure of Maastricht University

The short explanation of what our study is within Maastricht University is the following: Data Science and Knowledge Engineering is a study, which is part of the Department of Data Science and Knowledge Engineering. DKE is part of the Faculty of Humanities and Sciences and FHS is part of Maastricht University. Voila!

For the people who want to get a better overview, we will go a bit more in depth and we will start at the top of the University Maastricht.

But for now we will provide you with a nice graphical overview of the structure of University Maastricht:
UNI diagram EN

The Department of Knowledge Engineering is part of the Faculty of Humanities & Sciences:FHS diagram 2

DKE has the following internal structure:
DKE diagram


DKE has the following  management positions: Managing Director, Chair of DKE, Vice Chair DKE, Director of Studies, and Director of Research.

The information on this page can also be found on the Maastricht University website. To find more information about the different parts of the University, please visit this website for a University overview and this website for an overview of DKE.

All images are copyright of Maastricht University. The FHS structure diagram has been edited to include the Faculty Council.