Block Opening Drinks 6.0!

For our final BOB of the academic year, we’re bringing you fun in the sun and drinks on the beach by hosting a Beach/Hawaiian theme BOB! Come relax at our luau with some limbo and tropical cocktails on the 14th of June .
Come dressed for the beach!

As always:
Tokens are €1.50
Beer = 1 token
Cocktails = 3 tokens

There’s also 20% off the rest of the menu for members, so don’t forget your Incognito membership cards! If you still don’t have a membership card or would like to become one, you can join at the BOB or email us at

AI Competition Lecture: Game AI


As everyone knows, in cooperation with CodePoKE we are doing an AI competition for the game “Hunter Killer,” a 2-dimensional game designed to test your ability to program AI bots that will defeat your opponents as quickly and efficiently as possible.

To help students in the competition, projects, and most importantly, life in general: upcoming Wednesday (3rd of May, 16:00) a guest lecture will be given at the Tapijn Kazerne – Building Z.
This lecture will outline the various AI techniques used in the (game) industry, the current state of game AI, and how game AI differs from academic AI.
Or in better terms: how to deal with real world constraints when programming AI.
This lecture is the first in a sequence of two lectures, with the latter outlining how to design for AI from an implementation perspective.

Focus group: Bachelor students of DKE (all years)
Techniques covered: FSM, Behavior Trees, Planner Techniques, and more experimental techniques (for the industry): Search Techniques, and the rise of Machine Learning – Neural Networks.
Topics covered: Artificial versus Perceived Intelligence (Barks, Emergicents)
Games covered: Killzone Series, Horizon New Dawn, Killer Instinct, Batman Series, Greed Corps, Xenonauts