It’s the end of the year – you made it! Come celebrate the end of another academic year with Incognito’s famous year-end OMGWTFBBQ out on the back lawn of Bouillonstraat on the 29th of June. The bar will open at 16:30 and the drink will be the normal price: 1 euro 50 per coin.

To be part of the food eating joy you will have to pay 5 euros and we will make sure there is enough food to satify your needs.

If you have any food allergies or do not eat meat, we need to take this into acount! Please fill out this form so we can make sure there will be good food for you as well:

We will have burgers, brats, snacks, and of course – adult beverages. Come celebrate with your classmates for the last party of the year! See you there!

CERN Big Data Analytics Presentation

Come join Incognito and Alberto Di Meglio from the world-famous CERN lab on the 23rd of June at Tapijnkazerne Building ZĀ for a presentation on what it means to work for CERN, what the scientists do, what projects are currently being worked on, and what opportunities exist for students to work with CERN.

After the presentation, we will have beer, coffee, tea, and snacks for those who want to stick around, ask questions, and engage in discussion.

This event is brought to you with special thanks to DKE alumnus Taghi Aliyev, who now is doing his Ph.D at CERN in Geneva. Alberto is Taghi’s supervisor, and Alberto will describe the work they do, as well as how you as a student can eventually get involved with large scientific endeavors such as CERN and their Openlab group.