Final information Career Day

This news post provides you with the final information on tomorrow’s Career Day. The Career Day will not be held at our own faculty but will take place in the Karl-Dittrich room at the Student Service Centre(SSC). The map on the left shows the location of our faculty(“Universiteit Maastricht”) and the Student Service Centre. Participants who registered are welcome from 11:45. The actual Career Day starts at 12:00. One of the board members wil welcome you at the entrance of the SSC.

The SSC is located at:
Bonnefantenstraat 2
6211 KL Maastricht

The Career Day’s schedule is as follows:

12:00 Presentation Getronics PinkRoccade
13:15 Lunch for all registered participants
14:00 Presentation Capgemini
15:15 Presentation TNO
16:30 Drink together with all speakers

Incognito Career Day

We proudly present you the Incognito Career Day on 7 februari 2007.

This day we’ll invite all students and all educational staff to visit presentations from companies related to Knowledge Engineering. First of all, the program of the day:

  • 12.00 Presentation Getronics Pinkroccade
  • 13.15 Lunch for all subscribed participants
  • 14.00 Presentation Capgemini
  • 15.15 Presentation TNO
  • 16.30 Drink for all participants

We hope we managed to find some interesting companies for you. For students this day not only represents a good opportunity to get acquainted with the business world. You also get a chance to see what kind of job you may get, or even take the first step to get that job! It is also a great opportunity to find thesis topics or an internship. So it will be an interesting day for ALL students and educational staff.

The presentations will be in the Karl Dittrichzaal, Bonnefantenstraat 2, Entrance of the Student Service Center.

Because we want to know how many people we can expect on this day and because the number of participants has its limit, we want you to subscribe for this day. Subscribing is very simple. Reply to this mail with your name and your i-number and we put you on the list. You can also subscribe at the list on the coffee machine in the cantina. Only people that subscribe will get a free lunch!! You will also receive a program of the day one week before.

We hope to see you all on Wednesday 7 February 2007.

P.S. For all first and second year students participating the regular lectures of 7 February will be rescheduled.