Special Interest Groups

Incognito supports these Special Interest Groups below. If you'd like to have your own listed here, drop us an email at incognito [at] maastrichtuniversity.nl

Machine Learning Group

Machine Learning enthusiasts going through courses together and discussing all things ML. Learn about cutting of AI technology in their regularly recurring sessions and get a chance to participate in their projects.

Join via WhatsAapp at: https://chat.whatsapp.com [slash] F9a5zaH7Ayh4k5V7RG0MkT

Math Soc

People who really like Math supporting each other in self-study and sharing Mathy things around.

Website and community: https://maasmath.eu/
Contact: hello [at] maasmath.eu



If you're interested in any of these committees, send an email to: incognito [at] maastrichtuniversity.nl

The Activities Committee organizes social activities for the members of Incognito. These activities include (but are not limited to) bouldering, board game nights, parties and many other activities.

The IT Committee is responsible for all IT-related services. This includes the technical aspects of running the websites and the wiki. (They do not edit the content.) Aside from this, they host Incognito’s LAN parties!

The Educational Committee organizes all study-related events for the members of Incognito. Examples of some of our events are guest lectures, group study sessions, and private tutoring.

Applying for funding

Please follow the following steps to successfully apply for funding. It's a tad tedious but at least then everything is very clear to everyone! We have money that we want to give to you!

  1. Fill out the budget request form. Please attach a detailed list of the requested funds using the provided template in the form. The budget request will be reviewed by the treasurer and, if needed, the board and we will let you know if it has been approved.
  2. If the budget request has been approved, you can purchase the requested goods. Make sure to keep the receipt/invoice! Otherwise we do not have proof of the transaction.
  3. After the purchase and/or event, fill out an event realization form. Again, please use the provided template for the summary. This will indicate how much money was used in practice (perhaps there were some unaccounted costs, etc).
  4. Lastly, after the event realization form has been reviewed by the treasurer, fill out a reimbursement form. Here, you indicate the recipient of the money, the account to transfer the money to, and attach a proof of transaction (invoice/receipt).

To access the necessary forms, please visit this page or email us at incognito [at] maastrichtuniversity.nl.

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