Honorary Members

Honorary Members

This select group of people have been of the utmost importance for our study association and therefore have been rewarded with an honorary membership of MSV Incognito. We all thank them for what they’ve done for us and hope they know we appreciate the time and effort they put into MSV Incognito.

List of Honorary members:

Marcel van Beek – (Board 1994)

Anthony Beckers – (Board 1994)

Richard Dijkers – (Board 1994)

Rogier Thissen – (Board 1994)

Jeroen de Haas – (Board 2006)

Irmin Auwerda – (Board 2006)

Mark Punt – (Board 2006)

Michiel Moonen – (Board 2006)

Casper Gielen – (Board 2006)

Maarten Poeth – (Board 2006)

Job Hartjes – Since 2017-11-02

Gijs-Jan Roelofs – Since 2017-11-02