New website

Hello there!

As you might have noticed, we’ve updated the look of our website! It’s nothing fancy with flying colours and everything. But it’s clean, simple and quite readable. We hope you enjoy it!
We still believe there is room for improvement,so if you have some feedback, big or small, please let us know at!

– The Incognito hacKErs committee

Since some of you might have never seen the old website, just for comparison:
new website

Faculty Introduction

On Tuesday August 27th, the Department of Knowledge Engineering organises an introduction day to help you become acquainted with the department and several university services. Incognito will take care of the second part of this day, in which you will get to know the city of Maastricht and the most relevant (university) buildings a bit better. Also, Incognito will organise a barbeque in our faculty garden for all first year students, free of charge!

Location: Bouillonstraat 8-10, Maastricht.



It’s almost the end of the year and that means that it’s time for the annual OMGWTFBBQ! And guess what: you’re all invited!

The barbecue will start at 17:00 and it will last until 21:00. The food will cost €5, the drinks will be €1,25 and it takes place at the faculty. Please let us know if there is something you don’t eat.

To register, send an email to (Also include any food preferences), BEFORE Friday, June 14th at 23:59!! We still have to arrange enough food, which takes time.

If you do not sign up, there won’t be any food for you!

We hope to see you there!

BOB 6: Elvis: the age of Rock & Roll


Incognito is organising the last Block Opening Drink of the year! The theme will be Elvis: the age of Rock & Roll. We would really appreciate it if you’d dress up for the occasion. The BOB will we at Wednesday 5th of June, at 20:30 in the Twee Heeren.
Drinks will be 1,25 as usual.  🙂
Hoping to see you there!


Ready to show your bowling-skills to your fellow students?

Incognito is going to play bowling on May 15th (that’s a Wednesday) at the Bowling centre Maastricht. It’s near the Brusselsepoort, at Porseleinstraat 3 to be exact. We start at 20:30 and we’ll bowl for 1.5 hours. This evening will cost you only 5 euros, but bring your UM-card to get the student discount!

To register for this awesome event: send an e-mail to with subject “Bowling” before next Saturday (May 11th)!

We hope to see you there!

Kafe: Calcium is AWESOME!


It’s time for another Kafe!

Kafe is an educational event where someone gives a talk about an topic related to what we study at DKE. There will be beer of course since it’s at a cafe 😀

On this educational yet informal evening, PhD student Michael Clerx will enlighten us with a talk about
– using Python + generated C to run simulations fast and
– general purpose GPU programming on mobile devices
both in a computational biology context.

If you ever wanted to talk to a PhD student or Professor in a more informal sfere, or want to know more about the research being done at DKE then this is your chance!

Business Day


The Incognito Business Day is a day that will focus on showing the students of DKE what their possibilities are after their studies. Representatives of 3 companies will give presentations about their companies and jobs.
This year the 3 companies will be:

There will also be a presentation of PhD’s of DKE about their research.
Furthermore, there will also an Information Market, where students can personally ask questions to all these representatives
Lunch, drinks and dinner will all be provided.

Incognito strongly encourages all students to be there, since this is a perfect oppertunity to get insights in your own future!




Incognito is organizing a paintball-event on the 9th of May. This is on a Thursday and there are no classes because of ascension, so you won’t have to miss any.

This event will keep you occupied from about 12 to 6, and we will be playing paintball from 1 to 5.
The costs will be 20 euros for Incognito-members and 25 euros for others (you heard that right, this event is open to non-DKE people!), so invite your friends.
For this amount, you will get 100 paintball-bullets, a drink and a snack. For every refill of 100 bullets, you will have to pay 8 euros.
All of this has to be paid in cash, so make sure to bring enough.

In order to register for this awesome event, you have to send an e-mail to containing the following:
-Whether or not you can drive a car
-Whether or not you can supply a car
The deadline for registration is the 26th of April. This way we can make sure we have enough cars/drivers, because those are really needed!

See you on the battlefield!

Block Openings Drink 5: Beauty vs. Nerd


Who is smarter, more handsome and nerdier? The beauties or the nerds?
Come Wednesday April 10th to De Twee Heeren at 20.30 and show who knows the most about celebrities, sci-fi shows, beauty and videogames!
A quiz will determine whether the beauties or the nerds win.

As usual, beer costs you only 1.25 euro.

We hope to see you there!

Karaoke AEGEE & Incognito

AEGEE-Maastricht & study association Incognito present a karaoke evening together!

It was a dark day Oktober the 3th of this year, despite the joyous occasion of our constitution. We, the XXIVth board of AEGEE-Maastricht failed to secure our presents and it was only thanks to the valiant efforts of MSV Incognito that they managed to keep it safe for us.

To reward the members of incognito for these efforts, and in the hope the members of both our associations can bond we decided to organise this evening for you.

So join up! (if you’re too scared to sing you are allowed to sit quietly in a corner – until you gathered some dutch courage)

The event takes place in the room UPSTAIRS at de Twee Heeren, the stairs are somewhat hidden so ask at the bar if you cannot find them.


Incognito is organising a cantus this year 🙂 (If you don’t know what a cantus is, it’s mostly drinking beer and singing songs ;))
You can join by mailing, price to join will be 15 euros. The cantus will be held at “Studentecafe De Beurs” (Spoorweglaan 6, Maastricht), next week Thursday, the 7th of march, 20:00.
If you want to join, make sure to mail us Friday 1st march at the latest!

If you still have your beer mug from last year, you can bring it of course!

Hoping to see you all there!

Quest for the Holy Pie

Incognito’s Quest for the Holy Pie has begun!

What you need to know:
– Each week there will be a new question that is related to this faculty, which you will receive by e-mail (you already received the first question!) or view the paper in the common room.
– Everyone can participate by answering this question.
– If you think you know the answer then write it down on a piece of paper and put it in our big beautiful red and green christmas paper wrapped box in the commonroom. DON’T FORGET TO WRITE YOUR NAME AND E-MAIL ADDRESS ON THE PAPER SO WE CAN LATER LET YOU KNOW IF YOU HAD THE CORRECT ANSWER!
– At the end the person who got the most answers correct will win this quest! The reward will be a frigalicious awesomazing PI-PIE! 😀

Mario Kart Game Night

Have you always wanted to throw a banana in front of your fellow students karts?
This is your chance! At Wednesday 20th February Incognito organises a Mario Kart Game Night.
We play the Wii-version on beamers, so everyone can see you win!
It starts at 20:00 on the second floor of De Twee Heeren until around 01:00.
We hope to see you there!

Block Openings Drink 4: Carnaval

It’s almost time for carnaval and we’re going to celebrate that with the fourth Block Openings Drink!
Carnaval is even better avec le Maurice, so that will be the theme this time!
As always, it takes place on the second floor of De Twee Heeren and it’ll start at 21.00 on February 6th (the first wednesday of the block).

Beer will be € 1,25.

We hope to see you there!

Table Soccer Tournament

It’s time for the table soccer tournament again! Show your skills in a team or solo and become the table soccer master of DKE!

You can join in a solo or team competition, which will be played in the first two weeks of block 4. Make an original team name and logo and subscribe by sending an e-mail to before wednesday February 6th. There’s a nice present for the winner, so gather up with someone and join in!

Block Opening Drink 3 and General Assembly!

Yesyes! Block 3 has started! To celebrate the start of a new block we would like to invite you all to our Block Opening Drink!

But before we do this there will be a General Assembly where the memebers of Incognito get a say in what happens in our organization! This will be at Wednesday Januari 16th at 16:00.

The Block Opening Drink will be later that evening! We will start at 20.30 at the first floor in the Twee Heeren.

Consumptions will be €1.25.

We hope to see you all there!


Sinterklaas 2012

What’s that sound up on the roof?! Is it a burglar? A horse?
NO! It is Sinterklaas and his helpers!

Sinterklaas is a Dutch tradition. Children believe that an old saint, named Sinterklaas, and his helpers, Zwarte Pieten, walk on the roofs of houses, going through the chimney and putting gifts in every kid’s shoe at December 5th. These shoes are placed by the fireplace the night before, with some treats for Sinterklaas’ horse and a drawing for Sinterklaas.

Since there is a fireplace in our common room, we’re going to find out if Sinterklaas visits students as well!

If you want to join, please send an email to with the subject Sinterklaas. You’ll get an email back with information about when and how you can place your shoe, which will be on December 5th. And then on December 6th you can recover your shoe and gift.

It will cost you 5 euros and you have to make a drawing or poem to put in your shoe for Sinterklaas!

We hope you will join us in this awesome Dutch tradition 🙂