KafE: Will your robots do what you want?



Incognito would like to invite you to the next KafE event with Dr. Pieter Collins.

A KafE is an informal event at a cafe where we invite someone to talk about a topic related to our studies at the DKE.
Pieter is one of the professors currently teaching and doing research at the DKE, you might have had him for Numerical Mathematics.

The title of his talk is “Verification of Cyber-Physical Systems: Will your robots do what you want?”

Imagine you are programming a robot to play in a football team. You spend a lot of time writing software and testing it under different conditions, but when the big day comes, the pitch is slippery and your robot keeps falling over when trying to shimmy past a defender and your team fails to score. Is this disaster something you could have anticipated using a careful mathematical model of your system and some snazzy computational analysis?

This kind of problem is technically known as “Verification of Cyber-Physical Systems”. A cyber-physical is one in which a digital-computer controlled devices interacting in the world of continuous physics, and “Verification” means that we want to know if it does what we want (under reasonable assumptions on the external environment), This is a big problem, and we are not particularly close to solving it. On the other hand, we can start putting some of the pieces together. This talk will be a whirlwind overview of some of the ideas involved.

Beer price: 1.25 euros


This time we need your aid in a quest to conquer all the pool tables in the name of DKE.

You shall be summoned on Tuesday the 25th of February to aid us in our quest. From 20:00 util 22:00 you will have to let loose all you’ve learned. All you can trust are your instincts.

To complete the quest one must bring an amount similar to 6 whole coins (these amounts are subject to change to the amount of guild members that will turn up to aid you).

Life or death… it will all be decided at Snookercentrum Maastricht Tongerseweg 46.


Are you ready to show off your bowling skills to your fellow students?!

Well, Incognito will provide you with the opportunity to do so! On the 13th of March, we’ll go bowling starting 20:30 till 22:00. This awesome activity will take place at Porseleinstraat 3, near the Brusselsepoort.
The costs are 5 euro per person. You will need to bring your UM-card for student discount.

If you want to register for this event, send an e-mail to aktie@msvincognito.nl (clicking Yes on the Facebook event is NOT sufficient!). Make sure to register on time, because there’s only a limited number of spots available.

See you then!

Archery with Incognito


Incognito is hosting an archery event on the 19th of february. You will be able to shoot a bow like a real Legolas starting 19:00h, ending 2-3 hours later, at Brusselseweg 700.
If you like to participate in this arching madness, send an e-mail to aktie@msvincognito.nl.
The price of this event is 7,50 per person for Incognito members and 8,50 per person for non-members (you’re always invited to bring as many people as you want :D).

If you want more information, you can check out the website: http://boogschietenmaastricht.nl/ or send us a e-mail

So, remember: A good archer is not known by his arrows, but by attending this event! (or his aim, but whatever)

Block Openings Drink 4

as we pass the halfway point of another year it is time for another drink to celebrate another new block.

this time’s theme will be bingo!

The drink will be held on Wednesday, 5 Februari 2014, starting at 20:30. As usual, the drink will be at café De Twee Heeren, Platielstraat 17-19, Maastricht. We have our own room upstairs, you can get there by taking the door on the right side of the cafe, or on the left side of the bar (you might have to ask a bartender to open the door for you).
Beer, as usual, is 1,25 each.

see you there!

Block Openings Drink 3



A new year. a new block. a new drink to open said block.

this block’s theme will be family feud! so get your game faces on and good luck!

The drink will be held on Wednesday, 8 Januari 2014, starting at 21:30. As usual, the drink will be at café De Twee Heeren, Platielstraat 17-19, Maastricht. We have our own room upstairs, you can get there by taking the door on the right side of the cafe, or on the left side of the bar (you might have to ask a bartender to open the door for you).
Beer, as usual, is 1,25 each.

see you there!

Inside Incognito + Dinner


On behalf of the 21st board of MSV Incognito, we take great pleasure in inviting you to attend our Inside Incognito event, which is an information session to provide you a personal view on the inner workings of the Association. If you’re interested in joining a committee, this is the perfect way to get started. This is your chance to get to know all committees and ask questions.
Feel free to bring other students with you who might be interested in this evening.

The session will take place on December 10, 2013 at the Twee Heeren, Platielstraat 19, in the room upstairs.
At 18:30 you can join us for dinner here. For €7.50 you get a complete dinner consisting of chicken saté, fries and salad. If you would rather not dine with us then you can join us later at 19:30.
Please let us know as soon as possible (by sending an e-mail to: board@msvincognito.nl) whether you will be attending this evening and whether you will be dining with us or not.



From the 29th of November till the 1st of December Incognito organizes MysteryLAN for all students on the Department of Knowledge Engineering. Here you get a chance to show off your epic and nerdy game skills during a weekend full of gaming!

This weekend starts on Friday after the lectures at Maasboulevard 1, 6211 JW, Maastricht and we will start cleaning up Sunday in the afternoon.

The subscription fee for the LAN party is €20 for members.
The subscription fee for the LAN party is €25 for non-members.
The subscription fee for the LAN party is €35 when you also want to become a member.

If you want more information, feel free to contact us at hacKErs@msvincognito.nl

Please read all rules and conditions for participation at http://www.msvincognito.nl/mysterylan-rules/before signing up!

You can sign up at http://www.msvincognito.nl/mysterylan.

Board Games & Magic Tournament Night


When: November 26th, 2013 from 20:30 until 01:00
Where: Café De Twee Heeren (upstairs)
Costs: free

Tuesday November 26th, we are hosting a board game & magic tournament night at cafe de Twee Heeren. If you like board games or participate in the Magic cards tournament then this is the night for you! You should bring your own board games. If you participate in the Magic cards tournament, you can still bring board games, as you will probably not be playing Magic all night.

We hope to see you there!

KafE: Game AI



When: Wednesday November 20th at 20:00
Where: Café De Twee Heeren (upstairs)
Entrance: free!

Wednesday November 20th, Incognito will host a KafE. A KafE is an educational evening in an informal setting.

This time Gijs-Jan Roelofs will tell you everything you want to know about AI in games. AI search techniques, examples from the industry, tactical path-finding, planner systems and much more will be covered. This is your chance to get to know more about AI in games!

We hope to see you all on Wednesday!

The Secret of Monkey Island



Greetings adventurers!

On Thursday 14/11/2013, Incognito is hosting the Secret of Monkey Island-event.

During this event, you will find yourself situated on Mêlée Island. This island in the middle of the Caribbean is a wonderful but scary place, and your goal here is to become a pirate! In order to be accepted into pirate-hood, you will have to survive three trials.

The first trial will be held in the form of a game which is a combination of ‘the floor is lava’ and ‘tag’. During this game, the island will be filled with obstacles. These obstacles are the only terrain that you can walk on. If you fall off of the obstacles, you die. While this task would seem easy, it is far from that. There are mean pirates that do not want you to become a pirate! They will try to tag you. If they do, you die.

The second trial is to find a hidden treasure that has been buried deep in the ground. But unfortunately, other adventurers want to find this treasure too! It looks like the only good way to solve this matter is a good old game of dodgeball!

The third trial is one where you will have to steal an important artifact from the governor’s mansion! But yet again, those other pesky adventurers are after the same artifact! You will both try to steal it in a ‘Grab the Bacon’-type of game.

Do you think you can do all of this and become a pirate? If you do, register by sending a message in a bottle to aktie@msvincognito.nl and be at Sportzaal Boschpoort (Meutestraat 100, 6219 BL, Maastrich) at 20.00 on Thursday November 14th in your finest pirate clothes to test your skills!

Block Openings Drink 2: Constitution Drink


It is time for celebration, as Incognito has a new board! Therefore, we would like to invite you to our constitution drink.

The drink will be held on Wednesday, 6 November 2013, starting at 20:30. As usual, the drink will be at café De Twee Heeren, Platielstraat 17-19, Maastricht. We have our own room upstairs, you can get there  by taking the door on the right side of the cafe, or on the left side of the bar (you might have to ask a bartender to open the door for you).
Beer, as usual, is 1,25 each.

The new board consists of:
Chairman: Gabi Ras
Secretary: Bas Willemse
Treasurer: Audrey Merlivat
External commissioner: Lars Mennen
Internal commissioner: Irme Groothuis
IT commissioner: Geert Konijnendijk

Halloween Party


Exams are over. Time to celebrate, and what better way to do this than to have a good party together?!

On October the 30th, 22:00 o’clock, EUnitass, Incognito and Luna-tik are organizing a Halloween-themed party at Café Van Bommel, so that you can forget the horrors of last period with a whole new kind of horror!
Find your scariest costume and be sure to join us, because with David Schloemi and Marc Lindner at the turntable, discounts on several drinks and the halloween-atmosphere that we’ll be taking care of together, it’s going to be a night you won’t soon forget!

October 30th
Café Van Bommel
Free Entrance

David Schloemi
Marc Lindner


P.S.: be sure to keep your eyes open, because at certain times you might find mystery guests that you would want to tackle for a trick or treat…

Karaoke Night with AEGEE

When: Tuesday, October 29, 20.30
Where: Café De Twee Heeren (upstairs)

Get ready for (and this is not hyperbole) the GREATEST night of your life. Sing LITERALLY any song you want to sing (note: do not take this phrase literally), while drinking the most potent voice-enhancer known to man (ethanol). Shy about showing off your voice? Don’t worry, there will be more than enough volunteers to drown out your voice with their own (Reminder: insert positive adjective) voices. Anything from K3 to Queen and Frank Sinatra to Grease will be sung and (Reminder: insert something about cultural exchange here).
Best of all: this a joint event between Incognito and AEGEE, so if you’re not into singing you’ll at least get to meet new people, although obviously that is way less cool than karaoke.

The event will be upstairs at De Twee Heeren. The stairs are behind a door, ask someone working there if you can’t find it.

DKE for Dummies



On Friday the 4th of October Incognito is organising the “DKE for Dummies” tutoring event.

The main goal of this event is to help out first year students who are struggling with the courses of block 1.

But this doesn’t mean that other students are not welcome! If you have any questions or complaints about DM, IKE or CS1 then feel free to join us

Who will provide tutoring? Students! So, not teachers but students. So far it’s mainly 2nd year students who have volunteered for tutoring.

When: 04-10-2013, 13:30 – 18:00

Where: Common Room, Bouillonstraat 8/10

How to: Find out what you don’t know/don’t understand about the courses (before Friday) and join us in the common room. Ask your questions, get answers and kick ass on the exam!

!**What this event is NOT intended for**!

Quickly catching up on all the material of the courses because you were to lazy to keep up with it. Maybe there are tutors that would like to help you out with this, but it will take too much time if they would do it during the event. In that case, we suggest you make a personal appointment with the tutor on another day.

If there are students that would like to be tutors for this event, then please reply to this e-mail or send an e-mail to aktie@msvincognito.nl

If there are any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Intro Weekend

From the 20th to the 22nd of September, after three weeks of lectures, Incognito organizes an introduction weekend for new students, where you get the chance to get to know each other a bit better. Also students from different years can participate, making it a perfect way to get involved in our study!

This weekend starts on Friday after the lectures at the back of our faculty building. We will spent two nights in Belgium and will return on Sunday in the afternoon. For now, the precise location and activities are kept secret. Please know that this weekend is all about getting to know each other in a fun way, there won’t be any strange initiation rituals! Instead there will be a lot of different games, which you will try to win with your team.

The subscription fee for the weekend is €30 for members. (€25 for first years)
The subscription fee for the weekend is €40 for non-members. (€35 for first years)

Since membership of Incognito costs €15, first years can become a member and join the weekend for €40!

If you want more information, feel free to contact us at fiktie@msvincognito.nl

You can subscribe on this page.
Registrations have closed.

Block Openings Drink 1

Block Openings Drink 1

The first block, and for some the first year of university, starts…

As always, that means it’s also time for the first Block Openings Drink of the new year!

Incognito organizes a Block Openings Drink at the first Wednesday of every block. This is the time to meet students from all years and have a drink with them!

This time the theme is Google! It starts next Wednesday (4th of September) at 20.30 in Café De Twee Heeren (near the Vrijthof). Take the stairs to the second floor, which are located behind a door at the right.

Drinks will be €1,25

We hope we all see you Wednesday!