Pool Night: Billiards & Booze

Come join us for a time-honored tradition at DKE: Pool night at Snooker Centrum on the 14th of September! A casual evening of billiards and booze (and sports on TV) at the biggest and best snooker hall in Maastricht, where you can scratch your way to embarrassing losses and laugh it off with friends, or pull off impressive pool tricks for your Instagram.

Entry is €5 and gets you unlimited access to the tables all evening. Drinks are your own responsibility, but the Snooker Centrum has very cheap drinks compared to the pubs in the city center.

No registration required, just show up at the venue and find the large group!

Block Opening Drinks (BOB): Pimp My Shirt!

MSV Incognito would like to invite all of DKE’s new and old students to our very first Block Opening Borrel (BOB).

Since many new people are joining our faculty and there are so many new faces we are gonna break the ice by having everybody write on each others shirts!
We advise everybody who is coming to bring a white t-shirt with them to give people a chance to write fun messages to each other to start the year.
If you forget to bring a white t-shirt its no problem. We will be selling extra white tshirts as well. But the number of shirts is limited so we dont advise this if you plan to come later.

And ofc it wouldnt be much of a BOB if we didnt serve drinks as well. During the evening we will be selling the shirts and tokens which you can use to purchase beers and cocktails from our associations bartenders. If you wish to drink something else you could always ask the bar staff of La Colombe for something else at regular prices.

The prices are as follows:
1 token: 1.50 euros
1 tshirt: 4.50 euros
Beer: 1 token
Cocktails: 3 tokens

Omgwtfbbq! End of the Year Barbecue


It’s time to celebrate with a DKE and Incognito tradition – the OMGWTFBBQ! Come join us on June 28th! This year is extra special because DKE is celebrating it’s 25th anniversary, and we’re going all out by hiring a professional catering company to cook FREE gourmet BBQ for us at Bouillonstraat after your project presentations are finished!

The bar will be open from 17:00 and Incognito will be on hand staffing the bar, where beer and wine will be for sale at a dirt cheap price. Come celebrate surviving another year of DKE and enjoy some drinks with your fellow students, professors, and DKE staff members!

NOTE: We anticipate a HUGE turnout, and since the food is FREE we would ask you to please fill out the form (its two questions long, just so we can tell the caterers how much food to bring) to let us know you’re coming!


MysteryLAN May 2018

‘Do you think we’d just go away so easily?’

Sign ups: http://mysterylan.nl/join-the-fun/

It’s time for the MysteryLAN again!

On Friday May 18th, from 18:00 onwards, you are welcome to take part in the MysteryLAN for 3 days of GAMING! The event will last until Sunday afternoon, May 20th.

During the event we will have several competitions, which will be reveiled at a later date (keep your eyes peeled!).

Of course participation in these competitions is not compulsory and you are free to play any game that you like at any time of the day! The goal of the weekend is to have fun with each other!

We have been working hard behind the scenes to make this LAN the best one yet! You don’t need to bring your own internet cables. Please note you cannot reserve a monitor this time.

This time, MysteryLAN will be held at our new sponsor ROOOMS Maastricht, located at Boschstraat 21. ROOOMS is a community for entrepreneurs. Everybody can join, but most ROOOMS members are part of a dynamic mix of innovative start-ups and hardworking companies. There are enough possibilities to get in touch: network events, interesting lectures and spontaneous meetings in their lounges. Or near the coffee machine!

The entrance fee for MysteryLAN is:

€15 for members or ROOOMS tenants.
€20 for non-members.

Please read all rules and conditions for participation at https://www.mysterylan.nl/rules/ before signing up!
You can sign up at http://mysterylan.nl/join-the-fun/
If you want more information, feel free to contact us at mysterylan@msvincognito.nl
ROOOMS Maastricht: http://roooms.nl/en/locaties/maastricht/
So what are you waiting for!? Go sign up before it is too late!

Starlight Ball

MSV Incognito and Aperture are proud to present the Starlight Ball, a joint venture between the study associations of DKE and MSP!

The ball will be held on 4th May 2018 at 21:00 – 02:00 at Dominicanen Boekhandel, widely regarded as the most beautiful bookstore in the world! For those of you who were there last year, you will remember that the venue was absolutely incredible – and this year we’re going to be even bigger!

Ticket sales begin on 16th April:
– Earlybird: €12 (Incognito or Aperture member) and €15 (non-member), these early bird tickets can only be bought in person and not via the online form
– Normal Sale: €15 (Incognito or Aperture member) and €18 (non-member)
– Door Sales: €18 (no member discount at the door)

Early bird tickets can only be bought in person from a representative

(Don’t forget that all MSP students are members of Aperture!)

Dress code: Black-Tie

Everyone will be greeted with a free glass of Prosecco on arrival!

We are looking forward to seeing you there!
– MSV Incognito and Aperture

Battle of the Studies

For a third consecutive year, we are delighted to introduce to you:

For those of you who haven’t yet heard of Battle of the Studies;
This is an event created in collaboration with DKE, FASoS, MSP & UCM that hopes to bring our faculties closer together. Although this is a battle, it’s all in good fun! Join us on the April 19th for this amazing night!

BOB 5: Pajama party

BOB 5 will be a Pajama Party!

So grab your PJ’s and your favorite blankies or stuffed animals and party hard all night. Cause who even sleeps at a slumber party?

As always drink tokens cost 1.50 for members of Incognito and 2 euros for non-members. A beer costs a token each and a cocktail will cost 3 tokens as usual.

Due to an overlap with the university schedule, we will be breaking tradition this year and we will NOT have a 6th BOB. Therefore this will be our final BOB for this academic year. Regardless hope to see you on April 11th!

General Assembly

When the current board of Incognito was elected last November, we ran on a platform of modernization and optimization of the structure of Incognito, and one of our main objectives was to update the legal statutes upon which Incognito was founded and relies upon. We believe that there are several clauses and sections within the statutes that desperately need attention, and several which absolutely need to be updated (such as financial requirements being listed in Dutch Guilder, a currency that no longer exists).

Since our election we have been working on devising changes and updates to these statutes, and are proud to present our proposed changes to you, our members. As per the statutes, changes to these statutes must be brought before a General Assembly and voted upon by the members.

There is a requirement in the current statutes that 75% of all members must be present at this General Assembly in order to vote on the changes, and if that threshold is not met, another General Assembly must be called thereafter that has no attendance requirement. Therefore, we are calling the first of two General Assemblies to address these changes. In the first GA, we will outline all of the changes to the statutes (which have also been attached to this email) and discuss their merits point by point. However, during this first GA no voting will occur on whether to accept these changes, however we may discuss and alter these changes for the following GA. The second GA will be called no later than 6 weeks from the first GA, where we will assemble again to finally vote whether to accept the changes to the statutes point by point, meaning some changes may be accepted and others not, depending on the vote.

Therefore, the board of Incognito hereby calls for a General Assembly of the members on the 21st of March at 18:30 in Bouillonstraat. We hope to see a good turnout so we can thoroughly discuss these important matters with you, our members. Please review the attached document to familiarize yourself with our proposed changes beforehand, and refer to the current statutes for comparison (also attached). We will see you there!

Incognito’s Board Game Night

It’s baaaack…

Incognito are pleased to announce the return of Board Games Night! Join us on March 20th for an evening of board gaming with no bored people. Entrance is free and of course, BYOB (bring your own board games) 😛 We hope to see you there!

Incognito’s Cantus

Dear members of the Corona,

This is that time of the year again – time for the largest Incognito tradition. Its Cantus time!

This year’s Cantus will be held again on March 16th at Café De Beurs near the station so people from near and far can come celebrate with us! We are welcoming all people, shall they be DKE students, alumni, other UM students or even your friends!

For those who are unfamiliar with what a cantus is: a cantus is a jolly event where beer and songs are gracefully mixed together to create an atmosphere that few can say they experienced elsewhere. Songs from every corner of our beautiful planet will be sung in several different languages! So rest your vocal chords and be prepared to sing your heart out! The Presidium leads the cantus.

If you have any questions, would like to make sure a song is sung at the cantus, feel free to contact any of the members of the Presidium.

Please sign up by 15th of March, 12:00 (noon). Seats are limited and we assign them on a first come first serve basis, so register as soon as possible!

If you are worried about the price of the event, fear not! For members it is only 15 euros and for non members it is 20 euros, but you will be rewarded with UNLIMITED beer and the assurance to spend a night for the ages!

As for the registration process, please fill out the following:

Once you have registered you have 2 options for paying, pay on the door when you arrive or transfer the correct amount of money.
If you decide to pay on the door you can also use your card but then there will be a additional 0.25 fee.

Account name : Incognito – (Do NOT put MSV in front of this!)
IBAN : NL46 INGB 0006 9302 30 – (Account number: 6930230)
BIC : INGBNL2A – (For international transactions)
Description: Cantus 2018 <Your Name>

Feel free to contact us for any additional information at Taske@Msvincognito.nl

MSV incognitos Game of Assassins

The deadline for signing up is MARCH 2ND at 13:00!!!

The Guild of Assassins is looking for new recruits to join their ranks. However, there is only one way to find out who is most worthy of this recognition: A massive game of sneaking, backstabbing and outright slaughter.

Incognito’s event committee, AKtiE, is running an assassination game from 5th of March until the 16th of March. Every registered player will be given a target who they will have to kill by stabbing this target in the back with a plastic knife provided by us, thus proving that they are worthy of their spot in the guild. However, if you yourself get killed, you are out of the game and are not able to join back in. The winner of the game will be the last recruit standing or, in the case that by the deadline multiple people have avoided death’s grasp, the player still alive with the highest kill count will take the trophy.

Rules and signup on the Facebook event:


DKE and MSP Mashup Party

Come to the very first DKE & MSP party! Although we’re neighbors, we barely know each other and it is time to change that.

The tickets are €2 for Aperture and Incognito members and €2.50 for non-members. They can only be purchased at the door and there is a limit of 100 people so make sure to be there before the limit is reached.
The tickets will be numbered, if you find the person with the matching number to yours and hand both tickets you will get a free drink (beer or shot)!
The party will be at Sint Amorsplein 3, 6211 GT Maastricht. It is on February 23rd and starts at 21:00 and end at 02:00.

Career day

It is with great excitement that we are announcing the 2018 edition of Incognitos Business Day. Every year, our department along with Incognito organizes a day where students get to listen and talk to companies ranging from startups to multinationals. Here is the information about this year’s edition:

Date: Wednesday 21st May 2018
Time: 13:30 – 17:00
Location: Tapijn, Building Z
Dress code: Business casual/Job interview
Registration: Free but there is a sign up required

This is a great opportunity for students of all years to talk to potential employers in order to grow their personal network and perhaps find a place where they can someday do an internship, a thesis or even start a career. We will slowly be announcing the companies in the run up to the event so make sure you keep an eye on this event and our page!

During the day, each company will present during 10 minutes and will try to show why they are an employer that understands the challenges of a constantly more data-driven and smarter world. After the presentations, speed dates with representatives will be organized so that each student can talk to each company in person. The day will end with an informal drink.

We are looking forward to seeing you during the day. More info will be given about the companies and the day itself through e-mail, Facebook as well as our website.

Incognito’s BOB 4

BOB 4 Jungle Fever!!!

Ever wanted to be a party animal where you can let your wild side out? Then look no further cause we go it, on February 7th, at this BOB!!!

The theme is jungle where people can come dressed up as party animals or crazy stranded jungle people like Tarzan. If you wish to get creative, some ideas include dressing up as explorers of a new world, Predator or if you want to be unique you can also show up as a tree.

Anything is possible but if you do not wish to dress up remember it isn’t mandatory.

As per usual, you can purchase drinks by handing in incognito coins to the bar. It is 1 token per beer and 3 tokens for a cocktail. Tokens can be purchased by an incognito member in charge of tokens for 1.50 euros each and non members get a token for 2 euros each.

Constitution Drinks – Incognito’s COBO party 2018!

In November the 24th board of MSV Incognito was elected, and we’d like to celebrate the election with all of our members and other study associations at Maastricht University!

For those who have never attended a Constitution Borrel, when a study association elects a new board, that board traditionally throws a big party for its members, also inviting the boards of other study associations. At this party, it is traditional for the invited boards to bring small gifts for the new board, and throughout the night the members of guest boards are free to try and “steal” the gifts bestowed upon the new board and hold them for ransom! Furthermore, new board members are also free to be “kidnapped” by the other boards and held for ransom. The idea is that this ransom will be something such as dinner or drinks between the boards, to foster friendship and camaraderie, hopefully leading to future collaboration between the organizations and their member base.

We would like to invite all of our members, DKE students, and their friends to celebrate the election of the new board on January 10th at El Pichon for the first major event of 2018! Come prepared for an extremely wild night…

See you there!

Lightning Lecture in the Pub!

Back due to popular request, we’re back on December 7th with another Lightning Lecture event – come join us at hotel El Pichon (formerly La Colombe) on the Markt for an evening of short, controversial lectures in a casual pub setting where we will have two presenters deliver short, poignant presentations on controversial topics, and it’s up to you decide among yourselves how valid or invalid these arguments are!

A lightning lecture is a 15-20 minute presentation on a controversial topic, where the lecturer leaves the audience with open ended questions where the audience must debate among themselves the validity of such arguments. Of course, the presence of alcohol helps lubricate the discussion and hopefully leads to interesting debates!

Our presenters and their topics for the evening:
1) Catalina Goanta (Law Faculty – UM):
When was the last time you watched a tv show on an actual tv? Are you also one of the persons increasingly replacing tv entertainment with watching Youtube content or browsing through Instagram to check your favourite digital influencers? With more and more followers on the line, social media personalities are turning from regular people into walking advertisements, subconsciously convincing you to buy stuff. What does that mean for us all, as members of society, and what kind of groups are more vulnerable to these activities? Join us to discuss different aspects of these issues (e.g. legal, technological, psychological, etc.) from different perspectives (e.g. users, influencers, platforms, governments, etc.).

2) Gijs-Jan Roelofs (DKE Alumnus):
Video games are bad, mmmkaayy? We should ban every video game from existence and prevent our precious children from the evils that are moving pictures on screens. Violence, depression, anger, and mental retardation are symptoms of too much video game usage, and the epidemic must stop!

Attendance is free, food and drinks available for purchase at the bar.
See you there!

Incognito’s Treasure Hunt!

MSV Incognito would like to invite you to our holiday themed treasure hunt on December 6th!

We are organizing the treasure hunt so that groups of 3-4 people will need to perform a number of given tasks around Maastricht. Once a group has been made, come to El Pichon (formerly La Colombe) and you can pick up your list of tasks. The group who have the highest score by completing tasks will be the winning group.

To complete a task on the list, you will need evidence of having performed the tasks. This will mainly consist of taking pictures of each of the tasks that you have completed with one or more members of your group so make sure you have your phones charged. When you have completed a task, tick it off the list and you will get the score for that task. By the end of the night, we will look at all of the groups photos and which group is the winning group.

So get your sleds ready and get your jingle bells jingling for this year’s treasure hunt.