As promised during the General Meeting, we have organised a cantus. It will be held at Cafe de Beurs, Brusselsestraat 142 at the 10th of October. You are welcome from 21:00 on, and we start with the cantus at 21:15. We will be seated in the back room of the pub.
Because we can not fit an infinite number of people in the bar, tickets will only be available during pre-sale. Tickets will be sold every main break (13:00 – 13:30) in the
cantina, and at Wednesday from 10:30 – 16:00 in room 0.013. Of course if you run into a board member of incognito you can always ask to buy a ticket.

The price of the tickets will be 12 euro for incognito members and 15 euro for other students from knowledge engineering or one of its masters. This price includes the benches, the cantus volume with songs, and as much beer as you can drink!
For those people who do not know what a Cantus is. It is singing of songs (well known fun to sing songs) and drinking beer under the leadership of a ‘praesidium’, those people that lead the cantus.

We also want to note to all members that the incognito board will be in room 0.013 every Wednesday from 10:30 – 16:00. Everybody is welcome to come by for a cup of coffee, chat, or with questions. At these days you can also become a member of incognito.

For all members of incognito, we are still searching for students who want to be active in incognito. People who want to help organise parties, drinks, business days, or other activities. If you are interested just come by on a Wednesday, send us a mail, or talk to one of the board members if you pass us in the hallways.

General Meeting

=== Dutch version below ===

Dear students,

As you will probably have read, the board of Incognito has resigned. We would like to introduce ourselves as the interim board. We are Jeroen de Haas, Irmin Auwerda, Mark Punt, Casper Gielen, Michiel Moonen and Maarten Poeth. We will temporarily govern Incognito until a new board has officially been elected.

To elect a new board we will organise a general meeting for all members of Incognito. This general meeting will be held on Wednesday september 20, 2006 at 18:00 in room 0.003 at the Tongersestraat 6. We will provide some snacks to appease your appetite.

There will be a possiblity of becoming a member or renewing your membership of Incognito.

For those interested the bylaws of Incognito can be requested from the interim secretary – Irmin Auwerda – by replying to this e-mail.

The following points will be discussed during the general meeting:

1) Opening

2) Announcements

3) Documents received

4) Determining final agenda

5) Recent history of Incognito

6) Election of the board

a) Presentation of candidates

b) Election of new board

7) Proposal for Internal Regulations

8) Presentation of planning and provisional estimate

9) Approval of auditing committee

10) Date of next general meeting

11) Any other business

12) Closure

Afterwards there will an opportunity to meet with the new board over a glass of beer.

Yours sincerely,

The interim board of Incognito

=== Dutch version ===

Beste studenten,

Zoals jullie waarschijnlijk al hebben gelezen is het bestuur van Incognito afgetreden. We willen ons voorstellen als interim bestuur. Wij zijn Jeroen de Haas, Irmin Auwerda, Mark Punt, Casper Gielen, Michiel Moonen en Maarten Poeth. Tot er een nieuw bestuur gekozen is, nemen wij de taken van het bestuur waar.

Om een nieuw bestuur te kiezen organiseren we een Algemene Ledenvergadering voor de leden van Incognito. Deze ALV zal worden gehouden op woensdag 20 september 2006 om 18:00 in lokaal 0.003 aan de Tongersestraat 6. Er wordt gezorgd voor een versnapering om de ergste honger te stillen.

Het is voorafgaande aan de bijeenkomst mogelijk om lid te worden of je lidmaatschap te verlengen.

De statuten van Incognito zijn op te vragen bij de interim secretaris, Irmin Auwerda, door te reageren op deze e-mail.

De volgende punten zullen op de ALV aan bod komen:

1) Opening

2) Mededelingen

3) Ingekomen stukken

4) Vaststellen definitieve agenda

5) Recente geschiedenis van Incognito

6) Bestuursverkiezing

a) Presentatie van de kandidaten

b) Verkiezing van het nieuwe bestuur

7) Voorstel wijziging huishoudelijk reglement.

8) Presentatie voorlopige jaarplanning en begroting

9) Goedkeuring kascontrolecommissie

10) Planning volgende vergadering

11) W.V.T.T.K.

12) Sluiting

Na de vergadering is er gelegenheid om het nieuwe bestuur te leren kennen onder het genot van een glas bier.

Met vriendelijke groet,

Het waarnemende bestuur van Incognito.

Incognito Drink Wednesday 13 september

we would like to invite you to the Incognito Block-Opening drink. This drink wil
l take place on Wednesday 13 september at Ma van Sloun. We will officially start
at 18:00. We hope that we will see all of you on Wednesday.

Incognito Board resigns

As of today Incognito is without a board, as the former board has resigned.
Until the next general meeting (Dutch: ALV) incognito will be governed by:

Voorzitter Jeroen de Haas
Penningmeester Mark Punt
Secretaris Irmin Auwerda
Feest Commissaris Casper Gielen
Actie Commissaris Maarten Poeth
PR Commissaris Michiel Moonen