BOB4: Busted!

BOB 4 - Busted

Blok Openings Borrel/Block Openings Drink 4
Your perfect start of the block!
See you upstairs in the Ma van Sloun!

New page: Old Exams

As you might or might not have noticed, there is a new section on the site: Old Exams. Here you can find exams/resits/practise exams/mini exams etc for you to practise.
We need your help to make the list grow! So if you have any (digital or not) old exams or anything helpfull, please contact us. (, post on the forum or just speak to a member of the board)

Book Sale

In the first week of block 4 Incognito will hold the booksale for those who wish to buy their books with some discount.
For more information about the prices, times and the books please go to the section “books” that can be found on the left in the menu. But first enjoy your holiday!

Bob3 Play no Evil

On BOB3 we will have a special performance by the dance association Let’s Dance!
Play no evil

You must see this

Christmas Dinner

On the Friday of the examweek (December 21st) Incognito organises a Christmas Dinner. The perfect way to celebrate the end of the exams, Christmas, the end of 2007 and the beginning of 2008! For only 10 euros you can choose a meal out of 4 dishes and have 2 drinks.
To subscribe, email to

Merry Christmas!!


Scroll down for more information on Incognito’s Movie Night

Incognito is looking for people who want to join our newest committee, the yearbook committee.

In a yearbook all the things that happened that year are represented with nice pictures and short stories. It is a short activity summary of an academic year.

If you feel like joining this committee send an e-mail to Incognito or tell someone from the board.

Monday night: Movie night

At Monday December 3rd Incognito organises it’s first Movie Night.

We will gather at 18.00h in room 0.015 and enjoy a delicious pizza during the movie. The pizza will cost only € 5,-. If you want to enjoy a pizza, please mail before 16.00h (3 December) what pizza you want to

You can choose from:
– Margherita
– Napolitana
– Funghi
– Salami
– Hawaii
– Peperoni
– Prosciutto
– Quattro Stagioni

The movie will be a sneak preview…

I hope to see you on Monday.


With an audiance of 14 people, KafE was a succes. To see the slides click here. The movie about the Möbius transformation shown can be found here.

Kafe - Programming; the taming of creativity?


Unfortunately the TNO trip for December 5th is cancelled. The trip will take place in February or March 2008.

click for full size picture

Incognito Cantus

Tuesday the 30th of October the second edition of the Incognito Cantus will be held. The perfect opportunity to sing and drink with your fellow students!

To subscribe to this great fest, send an email to with your confirmation or write your name on the list on the cola vending machine. Subscribers can pay during the booksales on monday and tuesday or at the door.

Book Sale

In the first week of the upcoming block Incognito will be selling study books. Books will be sold on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, from 13:00 until 13:30. Books are available for all years, including the masters.
More information and a list of books available can be found in the books section.


This year it’s again possible to order your KT-shirts, with the famous KuT-print on it.
On Wednesday, 3th and 10th (all day long) you can try out the different types of clothing and sizes in the Incognito-room. And of course order them!

Incognito Plays Pool

Wednesday September 26 Incognito is going to play a game of pool at the Pool & Billiards centre near the Tongerseplein. Incognito members can play an hour for only 1 euro. To participate, put your name on the list in the common room.