Christmas Dinner

Christmas Dinner

At December 19 we will have our yearly Christmas Dinner. We have chosen for a slightly more luxurious setting this time, with a three-course menu for the discounted price of only €16!

Concerning the menu, you can choose from the following:

– Italian tomato soup served with bread
– Mushroom-cream soup served with bread

Main course:
– Chicken sate, served with salad and fries
– Schnitzel with mushroom-cream sauce, served with salad and fries
– Salmon fillet with white wine sauce, served with salad and fries
– Salad with goat cheese, served with bread or fries

– Surprise!

Sign up be sending an e-mail to, before December 16, midnight. We have limited capacity, so first come, first serve!

KafE Edition 5

KafE 5

Are you also interested to learn what Gene-Protein Networks have to do with Knowledge Engineering? Join us at the 2nd and be enlightened!

Movie Night

Movie Night

When: Tuesday, November 25, 18.00h
Where: Room 0.015 in our own faculty building
Costs: €6,- for a pizza, if you want one. Non members pay €6,50.

You can choose from: Margherita, Napolitana, Funghi, Salami, Hawaii, Peperoni, Prosciutto, Quattro Stagioni. Indicate your preference by sending us an e-mail!

Beer Tasting

Beer Tasting

When: Thursday, November 13, 20:00 – 22:30.
Where: cafe “Take One”, Rechtstraat 28, Maastricht
Price: €12.50, this includes the special beers we will taste!

Sign up as soon as possible, since we have a limited capacity for this event! Members of Incognito will have preference if this capacity is reached!



Talk to the Incognito board about your study, Incognito events, the weather, games or NullPointerExceptions. Whatever is on your mind. Even if nothing is bothering you, or if you have good ideas for an activity, feel free to drop by!

Incognito visits TNO

At Tuesday November 4th Incognito organizes a trip to TNO in Delft. TNO (Dutch Organization for Applied Research) makes scientific knowledge applicable to strengthen the innovative power of the business world and the government. More info about TNO can be found here.

The program is organized to let students become familiar with what TNO exactly does, what TNO can do for you, and what you as a Knowledge Engineering student can do for TNO.

The program of the day will be as follows:

07.53h Trip to Delft from Maastricht train Station
11.00h Welcome at TNO Delft
11.10h Presentation TNO (Information and Communication Technology)
11.30h Creativity
12.00h Lunch with short presentations
12.45h Presentation about working at ICT, TNO challenge, divisions CKI and PPQ
13.30h Guided tour ‘TNO Living Room’
14.30h Questions, drink, snacks
15.30h Trip to Maastricht
17.45h Back in Maastricht

This day’s program is FREE to join, including transport, lunch, drink. If you want more information, send a mail to Incognito.

Registration is obligatory, before October 29th!! Please send a mail to Incognito to register.

See what you can do with knowledge engineering and join the trip!

See you next year!

The photo’s of our last activity for this year, the bbq, are online.

The year is over, holidays begin. Incognito whishes you a good summer, and we hope to see you again next year!


As your mailbox will have told you, we have the famous OMG WTF BBQ tonight(26th) at our faculty! Subscribe by sending your name to Subscribe fast, because the places are almost taken πŸ˜‰

Costs: 3 euro, including a drink, starting at 17:00

BOB 6: Into the summer

It is already time for the last block openings drink of this year: BOB6.

This time the theme is delicately chosen to prepare you for the holidays: Into the summer!
Because we had the underground party on tuesday in week1, we moved the BOB to wednesday week 2 ( 18th of june)

The concept is clear by now: 20:00 at the ma van sloun, piekfust(beer for Γ’β€šΒ¬0,50), an entertaining activity, and lot’s of fun.

Underground party

Tuesday the 10th Incognito organises together with Luna-Tik (Psychology) a great party in the backstage! Get your ticket now in the presale!

Last chance to buy your tickets is on monday or tuesday in the commonroom! And don’t forget to bring all your friends πŸ˜€ This is THE great party of the year, together with psychology. Last year it was a great succes and with this year’s lineup we are bound to exceed that by far. 303F is a great duo with a live act including mixing, percussion and manny more.. they have been @ Dance Valley, Impulz, and the day after Underground they leave for a tour in Miami 😎 The Indie rock band Kensington is a big name from Utrecht, who have played across the entire country. And to end it all we have our great ‘faculty DJ’, DJ dajero! You don’t want to miss this for sure!

Paintball photo’s

Monday the 12th we went paintballing with 26 people in Belgium. After 4 hours of shooting, running, tactics, dodging bullets, and teamwork, I think it is safe to say it was a great activity and everyone was enthousiastic about it. The pictures are now online in the pictures section.

KafE 3 Automatic pupil detection for a video eye tracker

The presentation can be found here.

Tuesday the 6th of May we have already the 3rd edition. This night’s speaker will be Stephan Jansen, a phD student on our faculty. It will start at 20:00 in the Ma van Sloun on the 2nd floor.

A small introduction on the subject of his talk:

In medicine, there are studies of the relation between eye movements and balance disorders / dizziness. In 1995, a clinical video eye tracker (a goggle equipped with small cameras) was designed. Now, there is the need for algorithms to track the eye movements automatically. The easiest way to design an eye tracker algorithm, is to follow the pupil, and in particular, the pupil center.
The research is focused on designing and implementing a pupil detection algorithm, which is able to perform real-time, robust and with high-precision.

From the knowledge engineering point of view: Image analysis, edge detection algorithms, ellipse fitting and optimization techniques are terms that will be discussed in the presentation. Furthermore, some information of eye movements and balance disorders will be explained by showing some interesting videos.

Bowling results

After a nice hour of bowling yesterday we had to make up the results and saw that Maarten had won with an amazing end of 3 strikes on a row. What a fabulous bowl specialist he is!!

The beginning was a bit conservative, because the players had some trouble to handle the ball and the lane in a correct way. But after three shots of rosé wine and a couple of beers, the ball felt perfect and Maarten could find the pins almost without watching. At the end a lot of opponents wanted to learn the fabulous “Poeth-technique” to throw the ball so accurately in the direction of the pins. His wonderfull technique means a new era in bowling and I think we will see it on TV within short time.


Tuesday the 22nd we are going to play bowl. Join us by sending a mail to . We start at 18:00 with fries at the faculty, and then go bowling at 18:30 at the Brusselse Poort. Read the email for more information.