Games Night!

On Wednesday 8th of December an oldfashioned night of board games with Incognito will take place. Starting at 18:00 with some food (it’s discusses at the scene what’s on the menu), we’ll have a nice evening full of board games.

If you have nice board games of your own, feel free to bring them!

The costs of the night will be 2,50 (excluding dinner). With this you’ll get drinks (beer or something) and chips.

Hope to see you all there!


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Sinterklaas is an ancient Dutch tradition. Children believe that an old saint, named Sinterklaas, is real and has a lot of black helpers. Sinterklaas and his helpers, Zwarte Pieten, walk on the roofs of houses, going through the chimney and putting gifts in every kid’s shoe. These shoes are placed by the fireplace the night before, with some treats for Sinterklaas’ horse and a drawing for Sinterklaas.

In our common room, we have a fireplace so we want to find out if Sinterklaas will put something in our shoes the night of December 5th!

If you want to join, please send an email before November 28th to with the subject Sinterklaas. You’ll get an email back with information about when and how you can place your shoe. You don’t have to be present there at December 5th, you just get to set your shoe, wait the weekend and hopefully find a gift in there the Monday! It will cost you 2,50 and you have to make a drawing or poem to put in your shoe for Sinterklaas!

Kind regards
‘The Helping Sinterklaas’

Kafé: Best-reply search

Two times a year, Incognito hosts a kafé. This is an evening where a PHD-student or professor is coming to a café to tell about his research field. This is an extension on what you learn in the study and examples of previous kafé’s are an evening about GO, an evening about heart-research and many more.

This time, on November 25th at 20.00, Maarten Schadd will talk about ‘Best-reply search’.
The Kafé will be hosted on the second floor of the Twee Heeren, which you can access by the staircase behind the door on the right side of the building upon entering.
A google map link for convenience!

The abstract of his research is given below.

We hope to see you there!

This article proposes a new algorithm, called Best-Reply Search (BRS), for deterministic multi-player games with perfect information. In BRS, only the opponent with the strongest counter move is allowed to make a move. More turns of the root player can be searched resulting in long-term planning. We test BRS in the games of Chinese Checkers, Focus and Rolit. In all games, BRS is superiour to the max^n algorithm. We show that BRS also outperforms paranoid in Chinese Checkers and Focus. In Rolit, BRS is on equal footing with paranoid. We conclude that BRS is a promising search method for deterministic multi-player games with perfect information.

BOB 2 : Welcome the new board!

At Wednesday November 10th, 20:00 in the Twee Heeren will be the second BOB!
The BOB itself will be hosted on the second floor of the building, which you can access by the staircase behind the door on the right side of the building upon entering.
And remember: The first two kegs are free!!

A google map link for convenience:

We hope to see you all there!

Apen Kooien

Apenkooien 2010

Last year, some of the Incognito members tried something new. Not just sitting in front of a computer for a night, but actually go to a gym and play a fun game. In Dutch, it’s called ‘Apenkooien’. It is a game of tag where it is not allowed to touch the floor. It takes place in a gym, which is filled with playground equipment. You can use this equipment to get from one place to another. There are two or more taggers, who work together to eliminate the rest as quickly as possible by tagging them or making them touch the floor.

For last years’ pictures, view!/album.php?aid=2037092&id=1063110524

If you would like to join, please send an email to
The event will take place at October 6th, at 20:00.
It’ll cost 3 euros for Incognito-members and 5 euros for non-members.

Sportzaal Boschpoort, Meutestraat 100, 6219 BL Maastricht.
A google map link for convenience!

After this exhausting activity, we will go to cafe ‘de Twee Heeren’ with everyone who would like to join 🙂

We hope to see you all there!

BOB 1 : Tropical!

Due to the bad weather, BOB1 and the BBQ had to be canceled last Wednesday.
The BBQ will not be hosted this start of the year anymore, but of course, you can’t start a block correctly without a Block Opening Drink.

Therefore, Wednesday 22nd of September, 20:00 in the Twee Heeren will be the first BOB of the new academic year!
The BOB itself will be hosted on the second floor of the building, which you can access by the staircase behind the door on the right side of the building upon entering.

A google map link for convenience:

We hope to see you all there!

Newsletter 2010 #1

Incognito Newsletter


Finally we’ve gotten our act together long enough to make a new newsletter, after a hiatus of more than a year!
Things you will find in this block’s issue:
– General DKE Introduction information
– Incognito Book Sale
– Upcoming Incognito Events
– Jobs! (WordPress, Flash & Game Programming)

Read about the issue here: Link

OMGWTFBBQ!1! – 2010

Next week Thursday the 24th of June, the annual Incognito end-of-the-year OMGWTFBBQ!1! will take place!
This is a great opportunity to celebrate the (nearing) end of the Academic Year.

For all soccer fans: we know the Dutch team will play its final group match against Cameroon that evening and this match will be shown on big screen during the BBQ!

We start @17:00h. The price is 5 euro for four pieces of meat and 1 euro for drinks.

If you plan on joining us, please register for the event:


Where: The Cliniq
When: June 16th, 22:00 till 02:00
Tickets: Incognito Closet, or Leoni, every afternoon.
Price: €2.50 Members, €3,- Non-Members, €4,- At the door.

After the huge succes of Rockin’ on Heavens’ Door, a party organized by both Luna-Tik and Incognito, we will organize another party this year: Summertime!
As the title makes you expect, we will celebrate the start of the summer.

The party will be in the Cliniq, from 22:00 to 02:00.

The first 50 people to arrive, will also get a free drink!
So, pull those flip-flops from the closet, wear a nice Hawaiian shirt, and come to our sunny party!

Paintball 2010

Date: Wednesday, 5th of May
Price: €18 for transport, clothing, gun and 200 balls. 100 balls extra for €8
Time: Meeting @ 12:00 at the parking lot behind the trainstation. Back by 18:00
Join? Mail to:

The annual Incognito P-Day is approaching rapidly, Wednesday May 5th.
If you want to run around in the sun, shoot some of your college-mates with paint,
thís is the one and only moment.

The whole day will cost €18 euros.
This includes your paintball outfit, ammunition to make 200 headshots, 4 hours of paint-mayhem, and….. a snack.
Please keep in mind that additional balls will probably be required and cost €8 per 100.

Because we have to travel a small distance, there is a limit to the number of people that can come. This is not a public static final number and that’s why we need you.

If you want to go paintballing, you have to send a mail with the subject “paintball” to

And if you happen to have a car somewhere (or you can get one from your parents or friends or something) that would be even better.
Ofcourse, you’ll be compensated if you drive. The more cars, the more people can come!
Please don’t forget to tell us how many passengers you could take.

Beer Tasting 2010

Beer Tasting 2010

For only €12,50 we will introduce you to six very special beers and make sure that you also don’t leave hungry. A very good deal for a memorable evening!
Our host will tell a funny, interesting, strange or very unusual story about each beer and is able to find a beer specific to your requests. You will be surprised!

Register for this event by sending an e-mail to, facebook RSVP does not suffice. Register on time, since we only have a limited number of seats.
Since Incognito sponsors a part of it, and because of the limited amount of space, this event is only for Incognito members. You can become a half-year Incognito member for only €5,-!

Pub Crawl 2010

Pub Crawl 2010
After last year’s success, we are proud to announce the second edition of the Incognito Pub Crawl!

Enjoy the real Maastricht pub atmosphere and join us in what is considered by some, the most epic of pub crawls.
The pub crawl takes place on Thursday, March 4th. If you want to join, please be at the faculty 21:00.
The costs are €10 for Incognito members, €15 for non members, which includes 7 drinks.

KafE 8: Jordi Heijman

Kafe 8: Keep the beat going!

Tuesday, February 23rd @ 20:00, the next KafE will take place.
The topic this time is: “The beat must go on, understanding the heart using computational models” by Jordi Heijman

KafE are extra-curriculum lectures, which give teachers or PhD students the opportunity to tell about their current research. These topics are not part of your standard curriculum, but are a nice way to learn something extra, and get a grip of what you can do with knowledge engineering once you finish. And, of course, it is always lots of fun!

No registration required, feel free to join!

Block Opening Drink 4 : Olympic Winter Games

BOB4 Olympic Games
As always, Incognito organizes a block opening drink at the beginning of the new block.
This drink is a great opportunity to chat with your fellow students about other things than the courses! The theme this time is: Olympic Winter Games!

Therefore we invite you all to our fourth drink of this academic year, on:
Wednesday February 3rd, starting at 20:00, in
cafe De Twee Heeren, Platielstraat 17-19, Maastricht.

We have our own room upstairs, you can find the stairs at the right side of the bar (behind a door).
During the drink, we serve beer & soda for €0,75! Wine will be €1,50.

We hope to see you all there!

Table Soccer Tournament

During the project weeks Incognito will again organize a table soccer tournament. The tournament will consist of a group phase after which the numbers 1 and 2 of each group will advance to the semi-finals.
This time you can play in teams of 2 or alone (those are different tournament so you won’t play 1 vs. 2, you can participate in both).
The games will only take about 10 minutes, you will still have enough time work on your project.

More info about the rules, results and group standings, will be found on the website ( after the registration period has passed.

If you want to join the tournament send an email with your team name and the name(s) of the player(s) to before the 7th of January.
Don’t forget to include a 200px * 200px team logo, or we will choose one for you!


Dinner 2010 – Block Opening Drink 3

Dinner 2010

What better way to start the year 2010, than together with your friends and fellow students! Therefore, Incognito invites you to our New Year Dinner on January 6th at 19:00h at Café De Twee Heeren (Platielstraat 19).
A luxurious three-course meal for the discounted price of only €20,-, which gives you the nice opportunity to catch up with students after your exams and holiday and get a start fresh for your project or thesis.
As a further bonus, the Dinner will immediately be followed by Block Opening Drink 3.

With pride, we would like to present the following luxurious menu:

Carpaccio of beef tenderloin with truffle creme, Parmesan ham and pine nut.
Shrimp cocktail on a bedding of lettuce.

Main Course
Beef Fillet, filled with champignons and gratinéed with brie
Fish pan, with a multitude of fish and shrimp in a lobstercream sauce
Veggie lovers, pumpkin gorgonzola pie out of the oven and a paprikaslice filled with a tapenade of grilled aubergine and courgette

Creme brulee
Chocolate cake

To join the dinner send an e-mail to with your name before January 4th.


Afterwards, there will be the Block Opening Drink in Café De Twee Heeren. You can also join us there, if you are not joining us at the dinner table.

Have a nice holiday and we hope to see you January 6th in one piece!