MSV Incognito’s Committees

Activities Committee – AKtiE

AKtiE logo

The Activities Committee is involved with organizing social activities for the members of Incognito. These activities include (but are not limited to) Archery, board game nights, paintball and many other activities. If you have suggestions for awesome activities or if you would like to join this committee, you can reach us by mail:

  • Sarah Waseem – President
  • Costanza Siani – Secretary
  • Paul Disbeschl
  • Silvia Fallone
  • Albert Negura
  • Celia Busquets
  • Arnaud Ruymaekers
  • Eric Risbakk
  • Marwan Kamel
  • Ruben Havens
  • Amanda Kane
  • Gabriele Fresia

Educational Committee – EduKatiE

EduKatiE logo

The Educational Committee organizes all education related events for the members of Incognito. Examples of some of our events are guest lectures (KafE Lecture Series), group study sessions, and private tutoring. You can reach us by mail at with any questions or suggestions.

  • Philippe Debie – President
  • Anna-Lena Krause – Secretary
  • Pascal Anema
  • Kamil Bujnarowski
  • Fabio Barbero
  • Spriha Joshi
  • Pedro Jeuris
  • Jan Lucas
  • Tsvetan Naydenov
  • Andrew Gold (Honorary)

IT Committee – HacKErs

HacKErs logo

The IT Committee is the committee that is responsible for the technical aspect of all IT related services. This includes the technical aspects of running the websites and the wiki, but not the content. Aside from this they host Incognito’s LAN parties! The hacKErs were constituted on January 8th, 2013. If you want to contact us or are interested in joining this committee, you can reach us by mail:

  • Krysiek Cybulski – Chairman and Cap’n Code
  • Paul Disbeschl – Commodore
  • Florian Fuß – Boatswain
  • Thomas Wall – Musician
  • Błażej Dolicki – Cabin Boy
  • Andrea Nardi – Cooper
  • Paulilus Skaisgiris – Navigator
  • Thomas Sijpkens – Swabbie
  • Spriha Joshi – Gunner
  • Gerrit Drost – Senior Powder Monkey (Honorary)
  • Job Hartjes – Senior Powder Monkey (Honorary)
  • Geert Konijnendijk – Sailing Master (Honorary)
  • Pieter Schaap – Admiral (Honorary)
  • Bas Willemse – Junior Powder Monkey (Honorary)

Media/PR Committee – RedaKtiE

RedaKtiE logo

The media/PR committee deals with all PR related activites, such as poster creation, social media posts and content for this website. They also collect content for the Yearbook and edits a regular news bulletin. If you are interested in reaching the entire student body with your well written pieces, you can reach us by mail:

  • Arnaud Ruymaekers – Chairman
  • Evelina Masliankova
  • Costanza Siani
  • Silvia Fallone
  • Tanguy Legrand
  • Spriha Joshi
  • Celia Busquets
  • Julián Marrades
  • Pascal Anema
  • Yağmur Mavruk
  • Jade Cock (Honorary)

Bar Committee – TasKE

TasKE logo

The Festivities committee organizes every beer that is created during BoB’s, BBQ’s and every other event. They are also in charge of organizing beer related social events like the Block Opening Drinks, Cantus and pub crawl. If you want to contact us or are interested in joining this committee, you can reach us by mail:

  • Silvia Fallone – Chairman
  • Luc Linders – Secretary
  • Milan Woudenberg
  • Marcell Ignéczi
  • Hidde van Scherpenseel
  • Jonty Small
  • Sarah Wasseem
  • James Rolls (Honorary)

Financial Committee

The Financial Committee helps the treasurer whenever he/she needs it. They also check up on all financial states and changes of Incognito.

  • Albert Negura
  • Andrew Gold
  • Gijs-Jan Roelofs
  • Jade Cock
  • Pieter Schaap
  • Sidney Jacobs
  • Bas Willemse
  • Ester Kemper
  • Marcell Igneczi
  • Paul Disbeschl
  • Pierre Bongrand
  • Rob Bogie
  • Trevina Litchmore
  • Ryan Yared

Old Member Association

Some members stop their study half way and some finish it with their final thesis. For all those people there is a possibility to still know what’s going on in MSV Incognito! If you stay a member, you will automatically join the Old Member Association, OMA, of MSV Incognito. This way, you know what is going on and you can join the activities when you have time!