MSV Incognito

MSV Incognito, the study association of the Department of Data Science and Knowledge Engineering, was established on March 28, 1994. Since this day, our association has been representing the interests of all our students: our bachelor students in Data Science and Knowledge Engineering (Dutch: Data Wetenschap and Kennistechnologie), our master students in Data Science for Decision Making and our master students in Artificial Intelligence.

We provide various services to our members. For example, we offer the required study materials to our members with a discounted price. Furthermore, we organise a range of activities throughout the year, both study related and recreational. These include lectures, company visits and business days as well as sports and games, cultural activities and parties.

Besides these activities, Incognito also serves as a mediator between students and faculty staff. We do this by discussing any student related issues with appropriate staff members, and by informing students about important events within the department.

We also hosted an Inside Incognito event to inform interested students some more about Incognito and it committees. An old version of the presentation can be found here: Inside Incognito.