Incognito goes Paintballing!


A yearly tradition to blow off steam from a long year of studies, come join us at Paintball Arena just outside of Maastricht to shoot your friends! (We know you’ve thought about it at least once…) This year we will go to shoot each other on the 18th of June

The cost for this event is 27,50 euros. we will play for 4 hours from 1pm till 5pm. You are able to buy extra bullets, these will be 8 euros for an extra 100 bullets. We will be playing many games like capture the flag or the generic team deathmatch. We will provide you with some refreshments and snacks but you are always allowed to bring your own as well.

For those who have never paintballed before: You’ll be given the following:
– A camouflage onesie to cover your normal clothes (so no stains!)
– A full-face mask to cover your head and neck
– A paintball gun (called a “marker”)
– A package of 140 paintballs (more are available for purchase separately)

We will be leaving at 11:30AM from the parking lot behind Maastricht’s central station (at the meerssenerweg). If you can provide us with a car to help get your fellow students there please note this down when making your registration, the fuel costs will be reinbursed by incognito. Also, for the drivers, the destination will be Paintball Arena, Binnenvaartstraat 53, 3530 Houthalen, Belgium.

Paintballs travel about 300 feet per second (91.4 meters per second) and explode on impact. They’re filled with an environmentally friendly, washable “paint” and don’t hurt nearly as much as people expect they would. They hit hard enough so that you know you’ve been hit, but the guns provided to us won’t be powerful enough to hurt you.

Block Opening Drinks 6.0!

For our final BOB of the academic year, we’re bringing you fun in the sun and drinks on the beach by hosting a Beach/Hawaiian theme BOB! Come relax at our luau with some limbo and tropical cocktails on the 14th of June .
Come dressed for the beach!

As always:
Tokens are €1.50
Beer = 1 token
Cocktails = 3 tokens

There’s also 20% off the rest of the menu for members, so don’t forget your Incognito membership cards! If you still don’t have a membership card or would like to become one, you can join at the BOB or email us at

AI Competition Lecture: Game AI


As everyone knows, in cooperation with CodePoKE we are doing an AI competition for the game “Hunter Killer,” a 2-dimensional game designed to test your ability to program AI bots that will defeat your opponents as quickly and efficiently as possible.

To help students in the competition, projects, and most importantly, life in general: upcoming Wednesday (3rd of May, 16:00) a guest lecture will be given at the Tapijn Kazerne – Building Z.
This lecture will outline the various AI techniques used in the (game) industry, the current state of game AI, and how game AI differs from academic AI.
Or in better terms: how to deal with real world constraints when programming AI.
This lecture is the first in a sequence of two lectures, with the latter outlining how to design for AI from an implementation perspective.

Focus group: Bachelor students of DKE (all years)
Techniques covered: FSM, Behavior Trees, Planner Techniques, and more experimental techniques (for the industry): Search Techniques, and the rise of Machine Learning – Neural Networks.
Topics covered: Artificial versus Perceived Intelligence (Barks, Emergicents)
Games covered: Killzone Series, Horizon New Dawn, Killer Instinct, Batman Series, Greed Corps, Xenonauts

Incognitos Business Day

It is with great excitement that we are announcing the 2017 edition of DKE’s business day. Every year, our department along with Incognito organizes a day where students get to listen and talk to companies ranging from startups to multinationals. Here is the information about this year’s edition:
Date: Wednesday 24th May 2017
Time: 15:45 – 18:30
Location: Tapijn, Building Z
Dress code: Business casual/Job interview
Registration: Free but there is a sign up required ( )
This is a great opportunity for students of all years to talk to potential employers in order to grow their personal network and perhaps find a place where they can someday do an internship, a thesis or even start a career. We will slowly be announcing the companies in the run up to the event so make sure you keep an eye on this event and our page!
During the day, each company will present during 10 minutes and will try to show why they are an employer that understands the challenges of a constantly more data-driven and smarter world. After the presentations, speed dates with representatives will be organized so that each student can talk to each company in person. The day will end with an informal drink.
We are looking forward to seeing you during the day. More info will be given about the companies and the day itself through e-mail, Facebook as well as our website.

CodePoKE AI Competition

From April 30th to May 18th MSV Incognito, in co-operation with CodePoKE, will be hosting their 4th AI-Competition! We invite you all to a competition for fame, glory and …. obviously, rewards. The competition is designed to give every student, regardless of year, a chance at winning.

The focus of this competition is the game “Hunter Killer“, a 2-dimensional turn-based, hidden-information, multi-agent strategy game. Hunter Killer is a complex game and will most certainly test your AI skills and/or cunning to the limit. However, do not be intimidated by its complexity! To ensure that everyone can compete in this event, two lectures will be hosted by members from CodePoKE which outline various ways to approach the problem and detail AI techniques you could use. The game itself is fully implemented, and utility logic is provided to make implementing a bot as easy as possible.

During the competition, the CodePoKE office will be open every Sunday for students to sit together and work. For more information on the schedule, rules of the competition, or the contents of the presentations, please visit the AI-Competition website (

What will be expected of you?
– You will write a player that can play the game by itself.
– Have your player play / test against others.
– Try to attain as high of an ELO rating as you can.
– Be present for the finals on Thursday May 18th at CodePoKE (starts @ 16:00).

For any further questions you may have, please do not hesitate to contact CodePoKE (, or visit the AI-Competition website:

Hope to see you soon!

Incognito’s Active Sport Night!

MSV incognito invites you to join us at the local gym and play a variety of sports. For this event, we will be playing a couple of short games of well known sports. The games we will be playing during the event will be:
• Basketball
• Football
• Dodgeball
So if you have always wanted to shoot some hoops with some of your classmates (or throw some balls at them) then make sure to invite them as well!!
The price for the event will be 3 euros for members and 5 euros for non members.
The location of the event will be at Gymzaal Mariaberg on the address Gentiaanstraat 3.
We have the gym from 20:15 till 22:00 so make sure to come at 20 so that you have time to change in the changing rooms before we start.

Incognito’s Cantus 2017!


Dear members of the Corona,

This is that time of the year again – time for the largest Incognito tradition. Its Cantus time!

This year’s Cantus will be held again at Café De Beurs near the station so people from near and far can come celebrate with us! We are welcoming all people, shall they be DKE students, alumni, other UM students or even your friends!

For those who are unfamiliar with what a cantus is: a cantus is a jolly event where beer and songs are gracefully mixed together to create an atmosphere that few can say they experienced elsewhere. Songs from every corner of our beautiful planet will be sung in several different languages! So rest your vocal chords and be prepared to sing your heart out!

The Presidium leads the cantus. Members of the Presidium:
Senior: Marcell Ignéczi
Song Master: Milan Woudenberg
Punishment Master: Luc Linders
Sober Sister: TBA

If you have any questions, would like to make sure a song is sung at the cantus, feel free to contact any of the members of the Presidium.

The cost of this event is 15 euros and please sign up as soon as possible if you know that you are attending. Seats are limited, and we assign them on a first come first serve basis, so register as soon as possible!

If you are worried about the price of the event fear not, with the amount of money that you will spend, you will be rewarded with UNLIMITED beer and the assurance to spend a night for the ages!

As for the registration process, please fill out the following:

Feel free to contact us for any additional information at

Incognito plays Ultimate Frisbee!

Now that the weather is starting to get better we think it’s about time that we all go outside and get a bit more active! And so Incognito is hosting an ultimate Frisbee night. Bring your friends, bring your dog, anyone who can catch a Frisbee!

This event is free for members and 1 euro for non members

We hope to see you at De Griend on Wednesday!

Block Opening Drinks – Block 5

Come along to our penultimate bob of the year to celebrate the end of exams and the start of our new courses!

We are having a pre sale for 2 of our big upcoming events of block 5 so make sure you join to see what they are before anyone else!

As always
Tokens are €1 50 each
Beers= 1 token
Cocktails= 3 tokens
20% of the rest of the menu for members so bring your membership card!
If you still don’t have a membership card or would like to become one you can join at the bob or email us at

Calculus Study Group

Students in the Calculus course are welcome to join us for a study group session. The format will be as follows: We have several tutors who are going to be present throughout the afternoon, so bring your exercises and questions and feel free to work individually, or as a group, and the tutors will be there to answer any questions you have.

If the tutors feel the need, they will present tutorials on larger concepts.

Remember the exam will contain the following:
– Finding the Limits of functions
– Finding the domain
– Finding critical/inflection points
– Determining continuity/concavity
– Determining increasing/decreasing intervals
– Graphing functions

– Derivatives
– Definite Integrals
– Indefinite Integrals
– Integrating via substitution/inverse substitution
– Integrating via replacement

– Convergence/Divergence
– Absolute/Conditional Convergence

KafE Lecture Series: Ethical Hacking

Join Incognito at the Department of Data Science and Knowledge Engineering where we will host locally-based lecturer Dennis Lexis of Mediaan (Heerlen), who is going to give a lecture on his days as a hacker-turned-ethical hacker.

We will be discussing the techniques used in breaking through security systems, malware analysis, and reverse-engineering all from the perspective of a professional hired to break into their own employer’s systems to find weaknesses in their defenses. We will also discuss the legal and ethical ramifications involved in such ventures.

If you’ve ever been interested in the concept or legality of hacking, stealing information from businesses or governments, or being hired to do so as an “ethical hacker,” this event is a must!

Any questions please direct to:

Incognito Pool Night

Join us for a fun night of pool where you can show off your skills and challenge for the title of DKE’s king/queen of pool! This event will take place on Tuesday 14th March at 20:00. We will be reserving a couple of tables so we can all play a few games of pool.

The prices to join for the whole night are €5 for non-members and €4 for members. Please bring cash.

Drinks are paid seperately.

Hope to see you all there!

Lightning Lecture – New event series!

Incognito has a new event series!

Lightning Lectures are short (<20 min) lectures over intellectual topics intended to present a controversial point of view over a specific topic. These events are created, hosted, and presented by your fellow students!

Our first event is over the topic of World War 3:
Income inequality is rising at an unprecedented rate. Automization of the workforce threatens up to 2/3 of ALL JOBS, and for those without technical skills and degrees from universities, the situation is dire. By 2050 the UN estimates that close to 75% of all jobs in developing countries will cease to exist, leading to incredibly dire circumstances in countries already strained by globalization. Those who have little will have less, and those who have much will only accumulate even more wealth.

A huge societal restructuring is already underway, and the gap between the rich and the poor is massive and growing every day. Humanity stands at the precipice of a global crisis that is arguably bigger than WWI or WWII combined. Every person on Earth is affected by automatization and the consequences could lead to massive immigration crises, BILLIONS of economic refugees, and potentially hundreds of millions of deaths. This will not go quietly, and the powers that be will surely do everything they can to maintain their hold on the institutions that are at the heart of this crisis.

Let’s play Devil’s Advocate: is the prospect of all-out war such a bad thing in the end? In this lecture we will discuss the (likely) causes of the next World War, who the major players will be, and what the outcomes would be. Like a wildfire raging through a forest, destruction will be rampant – yet also like a forest fire, the destruction of institutions and redistribution of wealth and power could lead to newfound prosperity and an opportunity for humanity to re-evaluate its priorities and purpose both on Earth and amongst the stars.

(This lecture will be presented by Bachelor student Andrew Gold)

A secondary lecture over a similar topic will also be presented if there is enough time: What will be the catalyst that sparks World War 3? An assassination sparked World War 1, and an invasion sparked World War 2. Yet these events are increasingly unlikely in a modern world, where full-out invasions are impractical and assassinations much more difficult to pull off. In this brief lecture we will discuss the instability experienced in the Middle East, the major external players (Russia, China, USA) jockeying for power in the region, and the impact refugees have on the geopolitical strategy of major nations.

*** Please note: the opinions stated in these lectures are solely those of the presenters, and do not in any way represent the views of MSV Incognito or any of its affiliates. These lectures are for intellectual debate on the merits (or lack thereof) of the lectures being presented. Please keep in mind that respectful debate rules must be followed.

International Food Night!

Greetings! Incognito would like to invite you to our inaugural International Food Night.

This is your chance to share your country’s* favourite or iconic food with your peers around you.
We’d like you to prepare your food in advance and bring it to the Tapijn common room and share portions with your friends whilst trying their offerings.
We are also in need of additional microwaves/ovens so that the pre-prepared food can be reheated and shown in it’s full glory.

Please fill out the form below to tell us who you are, what you’re going to bring, where it’s from, it’s dietary information and if you can bring a microwave.

*if you don’t like your country/have no country your call home/dislike the food from there/etc. then feel free to make something from elsewhere.

Incognito’s “How to write a CV” session

With the Businessday coming up we from the ProKtiE committee thought that it would be usefull to have a “How to write a CV” session with Ellen Narinx.
Ellen works at DKE as a contact for KE@Work and works for our alumni office so she has seen a lot of CV’s.

Bring along your existing CV, if you have one, or create one during this event.
After the event there will be food from the international food night, for more information click this link:

Board Game Night

Recovering from the BOB last week? Or just want a nice relaxing night with friends playing games? Then join us this Wednesday for an action packed night of board games and no bored students.

If you have any great games you want to share with others please bring them along or if you have any suggestions for great games you can request it here and we hope someone will be able to bring them along.

As always you are allowed to take your own snacks and drinks, but please clean up after yourselves. We will also be selling drinks for €1,50 for 1 or €6 for 4.

We hope to see you there!