Incognito’s BOB 4

BOB 4 Jungle Fever!!!

Ever wanted to be a party animal where you can let your wild side out? Then look no further cause we go it, on February 7th, at this BOB!!!

The theme is jungle where people can come dressed up as party animals or crazy stranded jungle people like Tarzan. If you wish to get creative, some ideas include dressing up as explorers of a new world, Predator or if you want to be unique you can also show up as a tree.

Anything is possible but if you do not wish to dress up remember it isn’t mandatory.

As per usual, you can purchase drinks by handing in incognito coins to the bar. It is 1 token per beer and 3 tokens for a cocktail. Tokens can be purchased by an incognito member in charge of tokens for 1.50 euros each and non members get a token for 2 euros each.

Constitution Drinks – Incognito’s COBO party 2018!

In November the 24th board of MSV Incognito was elected, and we’d like to celebrate the election with all of our members and other study associations at Maastricht University!

For those who have never attended a Constitution Borrel, when a study association elects a new board, that board traditionally throws a big party for its members, also inviting the boards of other study associations. At this party, it is traditional for the invited boards to bring small gifts for the new board, and throughout the night the members of guest boards are free to try and “steal” the gifts bestowed upon the new board and hold them for ransom! Furthermore, new board members are also free to be “kidnapped” by the other boards and held for ransom. The idea is that this ransom will be something such as dinner or drinks between the boards, to foster friendship and camaraderie, hopefully leading to future collaboration between the organizations and their member base.

We would like to invite all of our members, DKE students, and their friends to celebrate the election of the new board on January 10th at El Pichon for the first major event of 2018! Come prepared for an extremely wild night…

See you there!

Lightning Lecture in the Pub!

Back due to popular request, we’re back on December 7th with another Lightning Lecture event – come join us at hotel El Pichon (formerly La Colombe) on the Markt for an evening of short, controversial lectures in a casual pub setting where we will have two presenters deliver short, poignant presentations on controversial topics, and it’s up to you decide among yourselves how valid or invalid these arguments are!

A lightning lecture is a 15-20 minute presentation on a controversial topic, where the lecturer leaves the audience with open ended questions where the audience must debate among themselves the validity of such arguments. Of course, the presence of alcohol helps lubricate the discussion and hopefully leads to interesting debates!

Our presenters and their topics for the evening:
1) Catalina Goanta (Law Faculty – UM):
When was the last time you watched a tv show on an actual tv? Are you also one of the persons increasingly replacing tv entertainment with watching Youtube content or browsing through Instagram to check your favourite digital influencers? With more and more followers on the line, social media personalities are turning from regular people into walking advertisements, subconsciously convincing you to buy stuff. What does that mean for us all, as members of society, and what kind of groups are more vulnerable to these activities? Join us to discuss different aspects of these issues (e.g. legal, technological, psychological, etc.) from different perspectives (e.g. users, influencers, platforms, governments, etc.).

2) Gijs-Jan Roelofs (DKE Alumnus):
Video games are bad, mmmkaayy? We should ban every video game from existence and prevent our precious children from the evils that are moving pictures on screens. Violence, depression, anger, and mental retardation are symptoms of too much video game usage, and the epidemic must stop!

Attendance is free, food and drinks available for purchase at the bar.
See you there!

Incognito’s Treasure Hunt!

MSV Incognito would like to invite you to our holiday themed treasure hunt on December 6th!

We are organizing the treasure hunt so that groups of 3-4 people will need to perform a number of given tasks around Maastricht. Once a group has been made, come to El Pichon (formerly La Colombe) and you can pick up your list of tasks. The group who have the highest score by completing tasks will be the winning group.

To complete a task on the list, you will need evidence of having performed the tasks. This will mainly consist of taking pictures of each of the tasks that you have completed with one or more members of your group so make sure you have your phones charged. When you have completed a task, tick it off the list and you will get the score for that task. By the end of the night, we will look at all of the groups photos and which group is the winning group.

So get your sleds ready and get your jingle bells jingling for this year’s treasure hunt.

Board of 2017-2018

During the General Assembly last night, the 24th board of Incognito was elected. Each member will be introduced to you in the upcoming week.
The new board consists of the following members:

President – Andrew Gold
Vice President – Bobby Slavchev
Secretary & IT Commissioner – Paul Disbeschl
Treasurer – Ryan Yared
Internal Commissioner – Megan Willemsen
External Commissioner – Jonty Small

Thank you to the board of 2016-2017!

We would like to thank the previous board for all their hard work and commitment during their tenure, and we wish the new board the best of luck during this coming year!

Incognito’s MysteryLAN 2017

Incognito proudly invites you to the MysteryLAN! On Friday November 17th, from 18:00 onwards, you are welcome to take part in 3 days of hardcore GAMING! The event will last until Sunday afternoon, November 19th at 12:00 with a prize ceremony for the champions.

In order to keep the gaming gods pleased (and keep the electricity and internet running!) as always we require an offering of €15,00 for Incognito members and €20,00 for non-members! (grants entrance to the event for the entire weekend)

During the event we will have several competitions (with a reward for the winner(s)!). The competitions are going to be for the following games:

– Overwatch:
– League of Legends:
– Super Smash Bros:

Of course participation in these competitions is not compulsory and you are free to play any game that you like at any time of the day! The goal of the weekend is to have fun with each other!

So what are you waiting for!? Go sign up before it is too late!

Incognito General Assembly

We would like to invite you to the last GA of the current board. The main topic will be voting on a new president and board members. The current agenda is:

​Proposed Honorary Members
Year Goals Review
Financial Overview
President Election
Board Members Election
Old Board Steps Down

If you have a view on any of the topics then we would prefer if you attended in person rather than giving a proxy vote to another member. If you really are unable to attend you can pass a proxy vote to a fellow member through a written declaration. We kindly request to limit the amount of proxy votes that one holds on behalf of others to a single vote if possible. All​ proxy votes must be submitted to the board via email at least 24 hours before the start of the GA.

The GA will be on 02/11/17 ​and will start at 18:30. It will be held in room 0.015 at Bouillonstraat. If you wish to raise any other agenda points, see the minutes from the last GA or a current overview of the finances or just have any other questions please do not hesitate to ask. Also if you wish to see any of the official documents regarding the rules of voting please follow this link:

Block Opening Drinks 2: Halloween edition

We hope your first block has gone well and that exams go well. Once they’re over, its time to celebrate! Make sure to join us on the first Wednesday of block 2 (November 1st 2017) where we will host our Halloween-themed BOB.

In the spirit of Halloween, we want to ask everyone to dress up in their best Halloween costume as we will be hosting a costume contest with prizes for the 3 best costumes!

Once again we will be hosting our BOB’s at Hotel & Restaurant el Pichón, Markt 30 in Maastricht, which will be booked exclusively for this event. You can always ask a local in case you can’t find it.

Coins are €1.50 each for members, non-members pay €2,00 per coin.
Beers, as usual, are 1 coin each.
Cocktails are for 3 coins each.
Wine and soft drinks will be served for normal prices at the bar.

Hope to see you there!

Pub Crawl 2017

The Beer and Bar committee TasKE is proud to announce this year’s pub crawl. We will open this year with a trip around some of Maastricht’s best pubs and bars. We will start at el Pichón (La Colombe) at 8pm before traveling on.

For each bar we have gathered a list of recommendations. These recommendations will consist of three picks by us, TasKE, and 2 picks by the bar itself. These recommendations will be revealed in due time.

Joining the event is free, but of course, you will have to pay for your own drinks at the bar itself.

We hope to see you on Wednesday!

MSV Incognitos Introduction Camp!

Every year, Incognito organizes an Introduction Camp. This year, it will take place from Friday 29th of September until Sunday 1st of October.

Sign up sheet for camp:

During the weekend, we will play games, get to know each other and have loads of fun. This is the perfect event for first years to get to know the older years. This is why we offer a 5 euro discount to first years and exchange students who would like to join.

The price for the weekend includes food, transport, accommodation, and drinks:
– Non-members: 40€
– Members: 35€

So, if you are a first year, and a member, then, it will cost you 30 euros.

Here are the payment information if you would like to make a bank transfer:

Account name: Incognito (Do NOT put MSV in front of this!)
Account number: 6930230
IBAN: NL46 INGB 0006 9302 30
BIC: INGBNL2A (For international transactions)
Communication: *your name* introduction camp 2017

The payment deadline is Tuesday the 25th of September at 12:00

Your sign up will only be completed after you payed!
There is a limited number of participants for the camp, so sign up quick!!

Sign up sheet for Incognito:

Msv Incognito plays pool

Come join us for a game of Pool at Snookercentrum Maastricht! This event will take place on Wednesday 13th September at 20:00. We will be reserving a couple of tables so we can all play a few games of pool.

The prices to join for the whole night are €5 for non-members and €4 for members. Please bring cash and your membership card!

Drinks are paid seperately.

Hope to see you all there!!

Block Opening Drinks 1: Pimp my t-shirt!

The academic year has started which means it is once again time to get together and have an opening drink on Wednesday night, September 6 2017, hosted by MSV Incognito!

The goal of the drink is having a good time and meeting your new fellow students. In that light, we want to ask everyone to bring a white t-shirt for other people to write on. If you don’t own any (old) white t-shirts Zeeman sells them. However, we will also sell them at the event ifor the same price.We will be providing markers but feel free to bring your own

This year we have a new venue for our BOB’s at Hotel & Restaurant el Pichón, Markt 30 in Maastricht. We will be there with our own space and outside area. You can always ask a bartender in case you can’t find it.

Coins are €1.50 each for members, non-members pay €2,00 per coin.
Beers, as usual, are 1 coin each.
Cocktails are for 3 coins each.
Wine and soft drinks will be served for normal cash at the bar.

Hope to see you there!

New website

Hello there!

As you might have noticed, the look of our website has changed! This was done because our previous theme wasn’t updated in the past couple years and was therefor insecure. We decided to remove the old theme immediately because having a secure website is the most important! The current look is not necessarily final and a couple things feel a bit out of place and it will continue to change. It’s nothing fancy with flying colours and everything. But it’s clean, simple and quite readable. For now it can do the job.

However, we believe there is room for improvement, so if you have some feedback, big or small, please let us know at!

– The MSV Incognito IT committee

Since some of you might have never seen the old website, here it is for a quick comparison. The left is the look of 2015-2017 and on the right the current look:

And if we’re going even further back, this was the comparison after the 2013 update. The left was the look of pre-2013 and on the right the 2013-2015 look:
new website


It’s the end of the year – you made it! Come celebrate the end of another academic year with Incognito’s famous year-end OMGWTFBBQ out on the back lawn of Bouillonstraat on the 29th of June. The bar will open at 16:30 and the drink will be the normal price: 1 euro 50 per coin.

To be part of the food eating joy you will have to pay 5 euros and we will make sure there is enough food to satify your needs.

If you have any food allergies or do not eat meat, we need to take this into acount! Please fill out this form so we can make sure there will be good food for you as well:

We will have burgers, brats, snacks, and of course – adult beverages. Come celebrate with your classmates for the last party of the year! See you there!

CERN Big Data Analytics Presentation

Come join Incognito and Alberto Di Meglio from the world-famous CERN lab on the 23rd of June at Tapijnkazerne Building Z for a presentation on what it means to work for CERN, what the scientists do, what projects are currently being worked on, and what opportunities exist for students to work with CERN.

After the presentation, we will have beer, coffee, tea, and snacks for those who want to stick around, ask questions, and engage in discussion.

This event is brought to you with special thanks to DKE alumnus Taghi Aliyev, who now is doing his Ph.D at CERN in Geneva. Alberto is Taghi’s supervisor, and Alberto will describe the work they do, as well as how you as a student can eventually get involved with large scientific endeavors such as CERN and their Openlab group.

General Assembly

On 20th June, we are hosting our General Assembly (GA). These GAs are the best time for you to voice your opinions about the association and really help us improve. We will be having it in Bouillonstraat 8-10 in room 0.015, from 18:30 to 20:30. The minutes from the last GA can be requested from the board via email or PM.