COMPUTD is a rising AI consulting company that partners with global industry leaders like Nike, ASML, VDL-Nedcar, and Fortuna Sittard to address complex challenges using advanced AI solutions. Their goal is to provide customized AI solutions to businesses to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

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Marcell and Pieter, both Maastricht University alumni, are at the forefront of COMPUTD’s success. Their academic backgrounds in Data Science and AI led to the creation of the company. Marcell has a Master’s in Data Science for Decision Making, while Pieter holds a Master’s in AI. Their journey is an inspiration, showcasing what dedication and expertise can help alumni achieve.

Career Day 2024

COMPUTD was one of the first companies that decided to join our Career Day in 2024. During the event they did an amazing presentation showcasing what they do as AI powered consulting company,  offered our students Summer Internship positions and engaged in interesting alumni-to-student talks about the industry. It was great having them on board!

COMPUTD stand during MSV Incognito Career Day 2024
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