This is for parties. Self explanatory, usually for large-scale events where music and drinks will be provided.

Incognito’s Pubcrawl

The Beer and Bar committee TasKE is proud to announce this year’s pub crawl. We will open this year with a trip around some of Maastricht’s best pubs and bars. We will start at hotel La Colombe at 19:45 before traveling on around 20:30. We will spend about ~30 minutes per bar, and go to …

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Starlight Ball

MSV Incognito and Aperture are proud to present the Starlight Ball, a joint venture between the study associations of DKE and MSP! The ball will be held on 4th May 2018 at 21:00 – 02:00 at Dominicanen Boekhandel, widely regarded as the most beautiful bookstore in the world! For those of you who were there …

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Battle of the Studies

For a third consecutive year, we are delighted to introduce to you: BATTLE OF THE STUDIES 3RD EDITION! For those of you who haven’t yet heard of Battle of the Studies; This is an event created in collaboration with DKE, FASoS, MSP & UCM that hopes to bring our faculties closer together. Although this is …

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BOB 5: Pajama party

BOB 5 will be a Pajama Party! So grab your PJ’s and your favorite blankies or stuffed animals and party hard all night. Cause who even sleeps at a slumber party? As always drink tokens cost 1.50 for members of Incognito and 2 euros for non-members. A beer costs a token each and a cocktail …

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Incognito’s BOB 4

BOB 4 Jungle Fever!!! Ever wanted to be a party animal where you can let your wild side out? Then look no further cause we go it, on February 7th, at this BOB!!! The theme is jungle where people can come dressed up as party animals or crazy stranded jungle people like Tarzan. If you …

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It’s the end of the year – you made it! Come celebrate the end of another academic year with Incognito’s famous year-end OMGWTFBBQ out on the back lawn of Bouillonstraat on the 29th of June. The bar will open at 16:30 and the drink will be the normal price: 1 euro 50 per coin. To …


Halloween Party

Exams are over. Time to celebrate, and what better way to do this than to have a good party together?! On October the 30th, 22:00 o’clock, EUnitass, Incognito and Luna-tik are organizing a Halloween-themed party at Café Van Bommel, so that you can forget the horrors of last period with a whole new kind of …

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  It’s close to midnight and something evil’s lurking at the ‘van Bommel’ under the moonlight, you see a sight that almost stops your heart out of joy you try to scream, but joy takes the sound before you can make it you start to run, as excitement looks you right between the eyes it’s …

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Rockin’ on Heaven’s Door

The academic year is approaching its end. After a year of long nights studying and hard working to meet deadlines, it is time to celebrate the end of the academic year! The last two years we have organized successful parties in cooperation with Luna-tik, the study association for psychology students, to celebrate this. Continuing the …

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