Research+Industry Spotlight – Lucas Giovanni Uberti-Bona Marin

Lucas graduated from DKE bachelor last year. Under supervision of Prof. Rachel Cavill he wrote his thesis titled “Learning to learn: a drug resistance learning pipeline”. As you might have seen on the social media, Lucas for his thesis was awarded the Bachelor Student prize which is essentially the best thesis award of the last academic year.

I had a meeting with Lucas in the summer when their board transferred the ownership of some Incognito relics, keys and such to our board. At that time he said he was planning to study his Master’s in Data Science in Aachen. Not long after I discovered that he postponed his studies and got not one but two jobs: a Data Scientist position at a Medical Appointment Software company and a Scientific Programmer position at Maastricht University at the Department of Bioinformatics.

Today Lucas is going to talk about storytelling, an important skill to convey your ideas to stakeholders. Then we will go into a Q&A session as per usual and we can drill into his life a bit more, talk about his thesis, bioinformatics, the prospects of a DKE graduate in a pandemic-worn job market.

Here is Lucas’s script.

Here is the audio recording:

Rough timestamps:
00:00 Intro
03:40 Importance of communication
27:20 Things he wish he knew before starting his job
48:00 Things about Lucas
1:06:00 Q&A

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