Research+Industry Spotlight – Laurens van der Maaten

Date and time: Wednesday 13th Jan 19:00

Incognito is starting off a new series of events called Research+Industry Spotlight! In the following weeks we will invite many speakers from research, industry, or both! Both young and experienced speakers will talk about their path in Data Science: their inspiration, decisions, struggles, achievements.

In order peak everyone’s interest right from the start, we invited a very special guest.

Laurens van der Maaten is a Research Director at Facebook AI Research (FAIR). He graduated with a MSc from DKE in 2005. Laurens has done research in computer vision,  dimensionality reduction (including work with recent Turing Award recipient Geoffrey Hinton) and other Machine Learning fields. He will talk about his experience in academia both as a student and professor, what is the difference in conducting research in academia and in industry, his own research. A Q&A will then follow where you can ask him in-depth questions. If you can’t attend, drop us an email with your questions!

Attendees were eager to ask great questions about topics ranging from careers in Artificial Intelligence to ecological impact of AI Research.

The transcript of the talk has been provided to members of Incognito and people who have signed up for the event. It is also hosted here.

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