Cantus: Incognito – Aperture edition

The cantus is a very old tradition in the Netherlands. A night of drinking and singing that brings friends together. It will be held on the 7th of December at the dn’ Hiemel. The event starts at 9pm, be there on time! The price is 15€ per person and sign up is required:

The deadline for payment is DECEMBER 3RD (Extra information will be included in the form).

During the Cantus there will be rules which will be strictly enforced. Drinks are free for the entire night (if the entrance fee is paid). Since this means you can drink as much as we can we will have some sober sisters. These people will keep an eye on the participants and make sure nobody is drinking too much. They at all times have the right to tell somebody to stop drinking.

Since the cantus has some rules that involve drinking, we want to note that we will never actually force somebody to drink. In case you do not want to drink anymore that is completely fine, you can choose to get water instead, or not drink at all. To prevent misuse of this we do enforce a simple rule: once you refuse to drink, you are not allowed to drink for the rest of the night anymore.

The other rules that are native to the Cantus will be explained during the event and included in a booklet that will be given to you!

Keep in mind there are only 40 spots available per association!

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