Incognito’s Board Game Night

MSV Incognito is hosting Boardgame night!!!
If you don’t have any plans this upcoming Wednesday and simply wish to hang out with your friends, come join us to play some board-games at Tapijn building Z. Even if you do not like games, this evening is known as one of our most relaxed events as the only thing that we do is sit down, chat and have fun.
For everyone coming we will be bringing a few games which you can pick up and play but we also welcome you to bring some of your own games if you wish to play with some of your friends. We also have plenty of games which are fun for large groups such as Cards against Humanity and Ultimate Werewolves!!!
Feel free to bring a couple of beers with you if you are over the age of 18 and enjoy a nice drink with your game. However, we must address that this is one of the first times the faculty has allowed us to use Tapijn building z to host our events and they have even given us permission to drink alcohol, but we must strictly say this is NOT A DRINKING EVENT.
The faculty really wishes that we remain civil with our drinks and our use of the building and as students of DKE we hope that everyone can respect their wishes.
Apart from the serious note grab your games, grab your friends, grab your dice and we hope to see you there!