Committee Introduction Night

Come get involved at DKE via your study association Incognito!

Our committees are recruiting new members to help expand and grow our events and services to you, the students of DKE. Everything from social events, academic events and services, and public relations are on the table.

Do you like to stay out late? Our activities and bar committees give you tons of options for fun social events. Prefer to stay in and study for the next exam? Our educational committee ensures all students get the help they need to excel, and invites guest lecturers to expand your horizons and provide new career opportunities. Like to be busy with your hands? Our editorial and IT committees are committed to side projects such as public relations projects, social media posts, website and server maintenance, and LAN parties for the gamers and night owls.

There’s an option for everybody, so come on the 3rd of October to have a bite to eat and find out all the opportunities to make the most of your studies at DKE!

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