Block Opening Drinks (BOB): Pimp My Shirt!

MSV Incognito would like to invite all of DKE’s new and old students to our very first Block Opening Borrel (BOB).

Since many new people are joining our faculty and there are so many new faces we are gonna break the ice by having everybody write on each others shirts!
We advise everybody who is coming to bring a white t-shirt with them to give people a chance to write fun messages to each other to start the year.
If you forget to bring a white t-shirt its no problem. We will be selling extra white tshirts as well. But the number of shirts is limited so we dont advise this if you plan to come later.

And ofc it wouldnt be much of a BOB if we didnt serve drinks as well. During the evening we will be selling the shirts and tokens which you can use to purchase beers and cocktails from our associations bartenders. If you wish to drink something else you could always ask the bar staff of La Colombe for something else at regular prices.

The prices are as follows:
1 token: 1.50 euros
1 tshirt: 4.50 euros
Beer: 1 token
Cocktails: 3 tokens