General Assembly

When the current board of Incognito was elected last November, we ran on a platform of modernization and optimization of the structure of Incognito, and one of our main objectives was to update the legal statutes upon which Incognito was founded and relies upon. We believe that there are several clauses and sections within the statutes that desperately need attention, and several which absolutely need to be updated (such as financial requirements being listed in Dutch Guilder, a currency that no longer exists).

Since our election we have been working on devising changes and updates to these statutes, and are proud to present our proposed changes to you, our members. As per the statutes, changes to these statutes must be brought before a General Assembly and voted upon by the members.

There is a requirement in the current statutes that 75% of all members must be present at this General Assembly in order to vote on the changes, and if that threshold is not met, another General Assembly must be called thereafter that has no attendance requirement. Therefore, we are calling the first of two General Assemblies to address these changes. In the first GA, we will outline all of the changes to the statutes (which have also been attached to this email) and discuss their merits point by point. However, during this first GA no voting will occur on whether to accept these changes, however we may discuss and alter these changes for the following GA. The second GA will be called no later than 6 weeks from the first GA, where we will assemble again to finally vote whether to accept the changes to the statutes point by point, meaning some changes may be accepted and others not, depending on the vote.

Therefore, the board of Incognito hereby calls for a General Assembly of the members on the 21st of March at 18:30 in Bouillonstraat. We hope to see a good turnout so we can thoroughly discuss these important matters with you, our members. Please review the attached document to familiarize yourself with our proposed changes beforehand, and refer to the current statutes for comparison (also attached). We will see you there!