Incognito’s BOB 4

BOB 4 Jungle Fever!!!

Ever wanted to be a party animal where you can let your wild side out? Then look no further cause we go it, on February 7th, at this BOB!!!

The theme is jungle where people can come dressed up as party animals or crazy stranded jungle people like Tarzan. If you wish to get creative, some ideas include dressing up as explorers of a new world, Predator or if you want to be unique you can also show up as a tree.

Anything is possible but if you do not wish to dress up remember it isn’t mandatory.

As per usual, you can purchase drinks by handing in incognito coins to the bar. It is 1 token per beer and 3 tokens for a cocktail. Tokens can be purchased by an incognito member in charge of tokens for 1.50 euros each and non members get a token for 2 euros each.