Constitution Drinks – Incognito’s COBO party 2018!

In November the 24th board of MSV Incognito was elected, and we’d like to celebrate the election with all of our members and other study associations at Maastricht University!

For those who have never attended a Constitution Borrel, when a study association elects a new board, that board traditionally throws a big party for its members, also inviting the boards of other study associations. At this party, it is traditional for the invited boards to bring small gifts for the new board, and throughout the night the members of guest boards are free to try and “steal” the gifts bestowed upon the new board and hold them for ransom! Furthermore, new board members are also free to be “kidnapped” by the other boards and held for ransom. The idea is that this ransom will be something such as dinner or drinks between the boards, to foster friendship and camaraderie, hopefully leading to future collaboration between the organizations and their member base.

We would like to invite all of our members, DKE students, and their friends to celebrate the election of the new board on January 10th at El Pichon for the first major event of 2018! Come prepared for an extremely wild night…

See you there!