Lightning Lecture in the Pub!

Back due to popular request, we’re back on December 7th with another Lightning Lecture event – come join us at hotel El Pichon (formerly La Colombe) on the Markt for an evening of short, controversial lectures in a casual pub setting where we will have two presenters deliver short, poignant presentations on controversial topics, and it’s up to you decide among yourselves how valid or invalid these arguments are!

A lightning lecture is a 15-20 minute presentation on a controversial topic, where the lecturer leaves the audience with open ended questions where the audience must debate among themselves the validity of such arguments. Of course, the presence of alcohol helps lubricate the discussion and hopefully leads to interesting debates!

Our presenters and their topics for the evening:
1) Catalina Goanta (Law Faculty – UM):
When was the last time you watched a tv show on an actual tv? Are you also one of the persons increasingly replacing tv entertainment with watching Youtube content or browsing through Instagram to check your favourite digital influencers? With more and more followers on the line, social media personalities are turning from regular people into walking advertisements, subconsciously convincing you to buy stuff. What does that mean for us all, as members of society, and what kind of groups are more vulnerable to these activities? Join us to discuss different aspects of these issues (e.g. legal, technological, psychological, etc.) from different perspectives (e.g. users, influencers, platforms, governments, etc.).

2) Gijs-Jan Roelofs (DKE Alumnus):
Video games are bad, mmmkaayy? We should ban every video game from existence and prevent our precious children from the evils that are moving pictures on screens. Violence, depression, anger, and mental retardation are symptoms of too much video game usage, and the epidemic must stop!

Attendance is free, food and drinks available for purchase at the bar.
See you there!