Incognito’s Treasure Hunt!

MSV Incognito would like to invite you to our holiday themed treasure hunt on December 6th!

We are organizing the treasure hunt so that groups of 3-4 people will need to perform a number of given tasks around Maastricht. Once a group has been made, come to El Pichon (formerly La Colombe) and you can pick up your list of tasks. The group who have the highest score by completing tasks will be the winning group.

To complete a task on the list, you will need evidence of having performed the tasks. This will mainly consist of taking pictures of each of the tasks that you have completed with one or more members of your group so make sure you have your phones charged. When you have completed a task, tick it off the list and you will get the score for that task. By the end of the night, we will look at all of the groups photos and which group is the winning group.

So get your sleds ready and get your jingle bells jingling for this year’s treasure hunt.