Block Opening Drinks 2: Halloween edition

We hope your first block has gone well and that exams go well. Once they’re over, its time to celebrate! Make sure to join us on the first Wednesday of block 2 (November 1st 2017) where we will host our Halloween-themed BOB.

In the spirit of Halloween, we want to ask everyone to dress up in their best Halloween costume as we will be hosting a costume contest with prizes for the 3 best costumes!

Once again we will be hosting our BOB’s at Hotel & Restaurant el Pichón, Markt 30 in Maastricht, which will be booked exclusively for this event. You can always ask a local in case you can’t find it.

Coins are €1.50 each for members, non-members pay €2,00 per coin.
Beers, as usual, are 1 coin each.
Cocktails are for 3 coins each.
Wine and soft drinks will be served for normal prices at the bar.

Hope to see you there!