New website

Hello there!

As you might have noticed, the look of our website has changed!┬áThis was done because our previous theme wasn’t updated in the past couple years and was therefor insecure. We decided to remove the old theme immediately because having a secure website is the most important! The current look is not necessarily final and a couple things feel a bit out of place and it will continue to change. It’s nothing fancy with flying colours and everything. But it’s clean, simple and quite readable. For now it can do the job.

However, we believe there is room for improvement, so if you have some feedback, big or small, please let us know at!

– The MSV Incognito IT committee

Since some of you might have never seen the old website, here it is for a quick comparison. The left is the look of 2015-2017 and on the right the current look:

And if we’re going even further back, this was the comparison after the 2013 update. The left was the look of pre-2013 and on the right the 2013-2015 look:
new website