Incognito goes Paintballing!


A yearly tradition to blow off steam from a long year of studies, come join us at Paintball Arena just outside of Maastricht to shoot your friends! (We know you’ve thought about it at least once…) This year we will go to shoot each other on the 18th of June

The cost for this event is 27,50 euros. we will play for 4 hours from 1pm till 5pm. You are able to buy extra bullets, these will be 8 euros for an extra 100 bullets. We will be playing many games like capture the flag or the generic team deathmatch. We will provide you with some refreshments and snacks but you are always allowed to bring your own as well.

For those who have never paintballed before: You’ll be given the following:
– A camouflage onesie to cover your normal clothes (so no stains!)
– A full-face mask to cover your head and neck
– A paintball gun (called a “marker”)
– A package of 140 paintballs (more are available for purchase separately)

We will be leaving at 11:30AM from the parking lot behind Maastricht’s central station (at the meerssenerweg). If you can provide us with a car to help get your fellow students there please note this down when making your registration, the fuel costs will be reinbursed by incognito. Also, for the drivers, the destination will be Paintball Arena, Binnenvaartstraat 53, 3530 Houthalen, Belgium.

Paintballs travel about 300 feet per second (91.4 meters per second) and explode on impact. They’re filled with an environmentally friendly, washable “paint” and don’t hurt nearly as much as people expect they would. They hit hard enough so that you know you’ve been hit, but the guns provided to us won’t be powerful enough to hurt you.

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