Lightning Lecture – New event series!

Incognito has a new event series!

Lightning Lectures are short (<20 min) lectures over intellectual topics intended to present a controversial point of view over a specific topic. These events are created, hosted, and presented by your fellow students!

Our first event is over the topic of World War 3:
Income inequality is rising at an unprecedented rate. Automization of the workforce threatens up to 2/3 of ALL JOBS, and for those without technical skills and degrees from universities, the situation is dire. By 2050 the UN estimates that close to 75% of all jobs in developing countries will cease to exist, leading to incredibly dire circumstances in countries already strained by globalization. Those who have little will have less, and those who have much will only accumulate even more wealth.

A huge societal restructuring is already underway, and the gap between the rich and the poor is massive and growing every day. Humanity stands at the precipice of a global crisis that is arguably bigger than WWI or WWII combined. Every person on Earth is affected by automatization and the consequences could lead to massive immigration crises, BILLIONS of economic refugees, and potentially hundreds of millions of deaths. This will not go quietly, and the powers that be will surely do everything they can to maintain their hold on the institutions that are at the heart of this crisis.

Let’s play Devil’s Advocate: is the prospect of all-out war such a bad thing in the end? In this lecture we will discuss the (likely) causes of the next World War, who the major players will be, and what the outcomes would be. Like a wildfire raging through a forest, destruction will be rampant – yet also like a forest fire, the destruction of institutions and redistribution of wealth and power could lead to newfound prosperity and an opportunity for humanity to re-evaluate its priorities and purpose both on Earth and amongst the stars.

(This lecture will be presented by Bachelor student Andrew Gold)

A secondary lecture over a similar topic will also be presented if there is enough time: What will be the catalyst that sparks World War 3? An assassination sparked World War 1, and an invasion sparked World War 2. Yet these events are increasingly unlikely in a modern world, where full-out invasions are impractical and assassinations much more difficult to pull off. In this brief lecture we will discuss the instability experienced in the Middle East, the major external players (Russia, China, USA) jockeying for power in the region, and the impact refugees have on the geopolitical strategy of major nations.

*** Please note: the opinions stated in these lectures are solely those of the presenters, and do not in any way represent the views of MSV Incognito or any of its affiliates. These lectures are for intellectual debate on the merits (or lack thereof) of the lectures being presented. Please keep in mind that respectful debate rules must be followed.

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