Secret of Monkey Island

2013-11-14 20.50.29

The Secret of Monkey Island. Men and women have asked themselves countless times: what is it? Incognito will give you daring adventurers the chance to resolve the mystery that is the Secret of Monkey Island on Wednesday 25 November from 20:30 to 23:00 in the gym located at Gentiaanstraat 3, Maastricht. Note that this is NOT any of the gyms we have gone to before.

You will have to jump, run, evade, throw, catch, climb, (fall?) and generally show off your superb agility in order to get closer to the truth that is hidden within. In the past, this event has been referred to as ‘monkey business’ or ‘apenkooien’ in Dutch.

We ask you to pay an entrance fee of €3 in case you are a member of Incognito and €5 if not. In return, we will provide the necessary snacks and drinks to guide thee on thy lofty quest.

Good luck and hope to see you there!

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