Block Openings Drink 5: Flower Power!

It’s the start of the last lecture block. This, of course, will be celebrated with yet another drink. This drink’s theme is Flower Power! This means: put on your brightest clothes and party like you’re in the 60s!

The drink will be held on Wednesday, 8 April 2015, starting at 20:30. As usual, the drink will be at café De Twee Heeren, Platielstraat 17-19, Maastricht. We have our own room upstairs, you can get there by taking the door on the right side of the cafe, or on the left side of the bar (you might have to ask a bartender to open the door for you).
Beer, as usual, is a coin each. 1 coin is 1.50, but you can also get 4 coins for 5 euros (1.25 each)